Obtained medical licenses for state enterprises in short terms

In this material, the matter of urgent registration of medical practice license for such establishments will be highlighted.

  • we chose the best option of getting licenses for the client;
  • we fulfilled the license provisions at client’s minimal expenses;
  • we solved timely the problems of controlling authorities’ instructions;
  • we got a medical license which allows avoiding the extended amount of the staff and expenses on keeping it

In autumn 2018, a client applied to us – a number of governmental enterprises and companies in which the government is the founder (as the ministries, services and other central government authorities). Those were: temporary accommodation center for refugees, enterprise of public transport and the state institute which were located in Kiev and in the Kiev region. Medical services were provided there, but there was no corresponding license. Afterwards, inspections were conducted in most of them, as a result of which the instructions were given to them to get medical practice licenses within the shortest time possible. With consideration of the set time frames, we had to think over the algorithm of actions so that there are no delays in the process of getting licenses. Because our client would not be able to continue his activity without getting licenses in time. And as consequence – unprofitability of those enterprises and companies. Also questions could arise on the part of the auditor services concerning disposal of the funds, since the medical practice is provided and there are no permitting documents for it.

 Depending of specifics of enterprise activity, the clients were interested in the matters of opening of the following:

  • a medical room for nurses to conduct shift examinations of drivers (pre-trip and post-trip examinations)
  • a medical aid station for providing services for own employees;
  • a medical unit for providing medical services for persons which were not employees but which were under the care (refugees, retire-age people, persons in the custody).

Taking into consideration the client’s wish, several options of actions were suggested:

  1. opening a medical room (rooms) without creating a health care institution. That will speed up considerably the process of getting the license and allow economizing the money to the maximum;
  2. opening a health care institution (in case a simply medical room does not correspond to the functional purpose) as a medical unit, a medical center, a health care station (also known as medical house)
  3. making the corresponding agreements for providing medical services by privately owned medical institutions/rooms in the territory of enterprises.

However, our lawyers faced some problems, and namely:

1) Limited time frames for getting a license. Since the most of our clients had inspections on the part of the controlling authorities, it was recommended for them (for the clients) to solve in a prompt manner the problem of absence of license.

Therefore the concrete time limitation was set for our lawyers that did not allow any slight mistake;

2) For a number of clients (due to specifics of medical services which were planned to be provided), the material and technical facilities were required to be extended considerably (extension of the areas and of the list of rooms for providing medical assistance, and also for additional medical equipment), and to increase amount of medical staff (search of head doctors was the biggest problem).

How did we solve the faced problems?

  • we organized the process of preparation so that the required documents were prepared / acquired at the same time, and not in succession (in case it was possible according to the corresponding legal procedures)
  • we minimized client’s expenses on equipment and additional staff. By identifying the final goal in opening the medical rooms (in many cases, the staff consisting only of 1 nurse was sufficient)
  • we had a dialogue with the licensing authority on the issues which could be taken ambiguously when taking the client’s case into consideration (due to the standard form of information and sometimes clients’ non-standard requests).
In spite of the limited time frames set by the inspections, the problem with licenses was solved in time. The lawyers selected the optimum alternative, without need of hiring much new staff. While understanding all specifics of license provisions, additional expenses and search of unskilled staff can be prevented. Because while hurrying to meet the deadline, the quality of services provided may become worse. When facing the instructions about getting a license, it is worth while applying at once for legal support. It is rather difficult to make sense if nuances of license provisions independently.

That may lead to unreasonable distribution of funds, time, and hiring the excessive staff.

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Publication date: 18/01/2019

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