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The legal company "Pravovaya Pomoshch" was registered by Vladimir Alexandrovich Gurlov on July 2, 2009, although before that the company of the founder and several promising lawyers had already actively provided services on a piece-rate basis. By 2012, the company employed 22 people. We registered everything that could be registered, received most types of licenses. The company employed 8 people who were engaged in judicial representation, including in the European Court of Human Rights.

A while back, we defended the interests of Rosetka.ua in the fight against unfriendly actions of well-known people. 

The potential accumulated by our Company allowed us to develop and introduce innovative products into the market, to participate in social activities, as well as made our experience and knowledge desirable not only among clients, but also among non-governmental organizations, the media and government authorities. 

That was the period, when the Company: 

  • launched a joint project with the Kyiv Chamber of Commerce and Industry - Legal Guide for Foreign Persons in Ukraine;

  • made the top Business Service Providers offered for U.S. exporters by the U.S. Commercial Service;

  • actively provided comments to the media, in particular to Inter, STB, UBR, Tonis, as well as to the print media.

The period from 2013 to 2015 was marked as the dark ages not only for our country, but also for our company. We cut down the staff to three people and continued our practice only in the most profitable areas.

However, at that time our company started to provide global services. We focused on clients from other countries and provided them with qualified legal support and assistance in Ukraine.

It was really hard, but we didn’t close our doors to our Clients for a single day. We believed that the company can survive and develop only through continued efforts to improve the quality of both the product and customer service. 

We have also started converting our experience and knowledge into publications on the company’s corporate website, which helped to boost our brand awareness and gain an influx of new Clients.

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The key components of our quality standard are as follows:

  • Being goal-oriented, rather than task-oriented. Our experience and knowledge allow us to comprehensively assess the situation and pursue a course of the Client’s needs, which can sometimes affect the original task. We are committed to assist you in reaching your key goal.

  • Reliability. If we take the job, we will do it. 

  • Legal due diligence. We not only know how to fulfil the task, but also thoroughly analyze the regulations and assess all risks. Our lawyers have extensive experience in various types of law practice. This allows them to address any legal issue in a holistic manner.

  • We serve each Client as if we didn’t have others. Our Client Manager is always available and keeps you informed of the situation.

  • We make things clear and simple. We do not write a “20-page advisory opinion”, we provide you with a short and practically valuable advice.

  • Minimum Client’s involvement in the process. If all you want is the result, you will get it.

  • We are the partner that can solve any legal issues. Once you know us, you can no longer seek for lawyers from referrals or on the Internet. We will qualitatively address any legal issues. In case of tricky and complex cases we can involve reliable and professional partners.

We focus on providing services and guarantees:

Who are our services for:
  • Business of Ukraine and foreign companies in the Ukrainian market;
  • Non-profit organizations;
  • Foreigners who want to live or work in Ukraine;
  • Ukrainians who permanently reside abroad;
  • Clients who want to resolve their legal issue quickly and easily.
We give guarantees*:
  • cost (all expenses not specified in the consultation are at our expense);
  • term (there is a responsibility of the contractor in the form of a full refund);
  • quality (checklists for "pitfalls", we identify a real need).
* after an introductory consultation

One of the main areas of work of our company is to help foreign businesses enter the Ukrainian market.

Our offer to foreign Сlients, you can see here.

We, the team of Pravova Dopomoga Law Firm, are committed to 

MAKING legal solutions SIMPLE, SAFE and EFFICIENT,

by creating a NEW QUALITY STANDARD for the entire legal market.

Now we can say that our clients mostly have a dread of spending their personal time on legal issues. They want to get credible guarantees regarding the cost and time limits of services, as well as a personal manager, who will always stay in touch and provide them with regular progress reports. If you want to add something, please file in a simple questionnaire.

Our main principles are “focusing on a goal, rather than on a task” and “Show what you said”.

All the company’s work is aimed at long-term efficiency. We strive to make sure that no client feels that the company is serving hundreds of other clients at the same time. This is our priority.


Our service is individual and customer-oriented

Персональный менеджер
Personal manager
Контроль каждого этапа
Control of each stage
Удаленное обслуживание
Remote service

Our team

Marina Losenko
Maxim Tomashevich
Tetiana Hlynchak
Client Manager
Kuzava Vlasta
Junior lawyer
Ivanna Stefanchyshena
Assistant of the Lawyer
Koval Olha
Junior lawyer
Karina Ulianets
Lawyer's assistant
Sales manager
Christina Kapustina
Lawyer's assistant
Borysiuk Inna
Specialist of the financial department
Valentin Lesko
Sales manager
Karina Fugue
Junior Client Manager
Oleksandrа Andreevа
Sales manager