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About us

Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” has been providing legal services in Ukraine since 2006.

Since the very beginning we have been focusing on provision of legal support for business.

More about history of Law firm "Pravova Dopomoga"

Six years of active service provision have enabled us to accumulate a considerable expertise and develop our own approach to work. We can easily define firm’s priorities and principles.

Our priority is a long-term effectiveness.

More information about organization of of our work is available in "Our approach".

Our team

Our team consists of 6 people, who have diverse experience and specializations. This allows us to provide a rather wide range of legal services.

Maksym Postyka Maksym Postyka Associate
Marina Losenko Marina Losenko Associate
Volodymyr Misyurak Volodymyr Misyurak Associate
Pavlo Durniev Pavlo Durniev Junior lawyer
Bohdan Kosokhatko Bohdan Kosokhatko Junior lawyer
Valeria  Kohut Valeria Kohut Junior lawyer
Tatyana Myalkovskaya Tatyana Myalkovskaya Content-manager