Our lawyers assisted a client who previously obtained license for employment agency with our help with informing licensing authority about changes in license case

In July 2018, we were contacted by a Client who we assisted in obtaining an overseas employment agency license last year.

He had made a number of changes, in particular, related to the company’s name, registered office address and place of its economic activities. He terminated the cooperation agreement with a foreign partner with whom he had worked for more than a year. On the other hand, the Client found a new foreign partner in another country. The Client knew that according to the law of Ukraine, the licensing authority shall be notified of any changes in the documents submitted for obtaining the license. Therefore, he needed legal advice on drafting a report of changes to the licensing authority, as well as on a set of documents to be submitted. In addition, the Client had to formalize relations with a new foreign partner.

Therefore, based on the Client's request, our company has provided him with the following services:

  • drafting a foreign economic agreement with a new foreign partner, as well as an employment agreement with potential employees, which is to be certified by a foreign employer;
  • consulting on the need to submit a copy of the new foreign economic agreement and the draft employment agreement to the licensing authority. The fact is that the law of Ukraine does not stipulate a direct requirement for submitting information on new foreign partners. However, in case of termination of the agreement with the previous foreign partner, especially if the Ministry of Social Policy was notified of it as of a single foreign partner, the information on the new partner shall still be submitted. In case of concluding agreements with new foreign partners, we advise to notify the licensing authority about this fact because it has a table containing information about the licensees, including the country of its foreign partners and specialties it can employ foreign workers for. Thus, the additional information on the website of the licensing authority may play a great role for Ukrainian citizens looking for a job abroad and a reliable employment agency;
  • preparing a report of the changes and submitted it together with supporting documents to the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The supporting documents include the documents that can be submitted as evidence of changes (for example, an extract from the Unified State Register in case of a company’s name change), or an updated version of the documents submitted for obtaining a license (for example, information on the place of economic activity in case of its change).

After the Client had signed the documents developed by our specialists, we submitted them to the Ministry of Social Policy. And in a month after submitting the abovementioned set of documents, the Client’s updated information was reflected in the license record, which is currently the said table published on the official website of the licensing authority.

Publication date: 31/07/2018

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