Our team

The team of the legal assistance company “Legal Assistance” is a team of professionals with various experience and specializations, which allows us to provide a wide range of legal services.

Continuous professional development of our team is ensured not only by current legal work, but also by participation in:

  • functioning of committees, work groups of state authorities and business associations;
  • implementation of innovative projects (such as "Legal Guide for Foreign Persons in Ukraine");
  • submission of analytical materials for specialized legal periodicals and leading media (both printed and television) which can be found in "Publications".

The firm has provided conditions for professional and career development of employees who have a high degree of proficiency and business culture.


Marina Losenko
Maxim Tomashevich
Tetiana Hlynchak
Client Manager
Kuzava Vlasta
Junior lawyer
Ivanna Stefanchyshena
Assistant of the Lawyer
Koval Olha
Junior lawyer
Karina Ulianets
Lawyer's assistant
Sales manager
Christina Kapustina
Lawyer's assistant
Borysiuk Inna
Specialist of the financial department
Valentin Lesko
Sales manager
Karina Fugue
Junior Client Manager
Oleksandrа Andreevа
Sales manager