Our way of solving legal problems

We recognize that there are three requirements for success.

The first one is to discover our Client’s pain points.

We believe that our Clients’ key points of concern are:

1.   Disappointment or fear of disappointment with the quality of services:

- Low expert examination, unprofessionalism, uncompleted work;

- Failure to meet deadlines;

- Extra expenses;

- Supervening events.

2.  Spending time on learning new things that might never come in handy again, and:

- Assessing whether there is a need for a service, and which exactly;

- Examining the process, necessary documents, requirements, costs;

- Finding out the pitfalls that do not come up unless you ask;

- Understanding what obligations arise after the goal is reached (obtaining a license, registration of the LLC, obtaining a work permit and a residence permit);

- Choosing a reliable legal service provider;

- Visiting state agencies and contacting with state authorities.

3.   Discontent with the quality of communication:

- Improper communication format;

- Lack of clarity in explaining things;

- False representation;

- Lack of focus on the problem;

- Lawyers are often busy, ignore calls, don’t call back.

4. Commitment to meet specific objectives, rather than needs.

5.  Lack of comprehensive knowledge and the ability to provide qualified assistance or advice on issues related to the core task.

If you would like to comment on the key points of concerns, please use the questionnaire.

The second one is to solve the Client’s problem.

Like many other law firms, we advise and represent Clients in the following areas:

  • Registration of legal entities (LLC, non-governmental organization, charity, etc.);
  • Obtaining licenses and permits (medical practice, construction, permissions to carry out dangerous jobs, employment agency licenses, gas and electricity supply licences, transportation business licenses, security licenses, precursor chemical licenses, etc.);
  • Issue of immigration documents (residence permits, work permits, etc.).

But we offer useful additions and methods of service delivery that qualitatively enhance their level: 

1.  Mandatory prior consultation, during which we:

- Identify the Client’s real needs (business objectives) and agree on the best solution and time frame;

- Explain all things the Client needs to know.;

- Study documents, answer specific questions;

- Present our firm to the Client and create the Client’s opinion on the quality of our services.

2.  Regular reports from the personal manager, which allow the Client to comfortably control the process of service delivery.

3.  Minimum Client’s participation in the process:

- We may contact the secretary, assistant to the director, or any other contact person for obtaining the necessary documents;

- The Client doesn’t have to come to Kyiv.

4. We shall bear all additional expenses that were not agreed during the consultation.

5. We never fail to meet the deadlines.

The third one is to ensure the wide-scale adoption of our quality standard in the market

The key components of our quality standard are as follows:

  • Being goal-oriented, rather than task-oriented. Our experience and knowledge allow us to comprehensively assess the situation and pursue a course of the Client’s needs, which can sometimes affect the original task. We are committed to assist you in reaching your key goal.
  • Reliability. If we take the job on, we will do it. 
  • Legal due diligence. We not only know how to fulfil the task, but also thoroughly analyze the regulations and assess all risks. Our lawyers have extensive experience in various types of law practice. This allows them to address any legal issue in a holistic manner.
  • We serve each Client as if we didn’t have others. Our Client Manager is always available and keeps you informed of the situation.
  • We make things clear and simple. We do not write a “20-page advisory opinion”, we provide you with a short and practically valuable advice.
  • Minimum Client’s involvement in the process. If all you want is the result, you will get it.
  • We are the partner that can solve any legal issues. Once you know us, you can no longer seek for lawyers from referrals or on the Internet. We will qualitatively address any legal issues. In case of tricky and complex cases we can involve reliable and professional partners.

We implement our approach and our quality standards every day, because our mission is to make legal solutions simple, safe and efficient by creating a new quality standard for the entire legal market in Ukraine.