Issue a Dossier of an importer of medicines in Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk region

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  • Answer all questions related to the provision of the “Drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier in the city of Dnipro” service, including the price and period for preparing the Dossier;
  • Sign a confidentiality agreement;
  • Based on information about a particular importer, we work on drawing up the Dossier together with the Client’s representatives;
  • Sign and hand over to the Client the ready-made Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier in the city  of Dnipro.

If necessary, and at the Client’s request, our lawyers can provide additional services, such as registration of medicinal products in the city of Dnipro, etc.


The price and period for drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier in the city of Dnipro and Dnipropetrovsk region

The service price for drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier in the city of Dnipro depends on the situation of each particular Client. That’s why we can tell the exact price of service only after we study the Client’s case, information about the importer, which will allow us to calculate the number of working hours of a lawyer.

The period for drawing up the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier in the city of Dnipro is 2 - 4 weeks.

You can find the list of documents and additional information about the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier on our main service page.

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How to draw up the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier in the city of Dnipro?

As in any other case, when the interests of representatives of different countries are affected, the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier must comply with both local Ukrainian law and international law.

The Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier is a mandatory document for obtaining the Permit to import medicinal products into Ukraine. You won’t be able to register medicinal products in Ukraine without it.

The problem is that the Ministry of Health of Ukraine has approved the form of the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier, but the very structure and content of the document is rather vague. And this gives the licensing authority enough space to refuse you.

We have been working with the Ministry of Health for many years: you can find dozens of examples of obtained Medical Licenses, certificates of registration of disinfectants, etc. on our website.

Our lawyers offer you:

  • Ready-made examples and extensive experience. We provided assistance in preparing the Pharmaceutical Importer's Dossier to importers from a wide range of countries, including the Netherlands and Germany;
  • Comprehensive problem solving. We cooperate with lawyers of different specializations, which allows us to guarantee you a solution of any legal problem quickly and easily.

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