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About the website

This site belongs to Ukrainian law firm "Pravova Dopomoga" (hereinafter – law firm "Pravova Dopomoga", "Pravova Dopomoga" or "firm") and is administered by it.

Information about the site

The materials on this site are provided for informational purposes and do not constitute any legal advice (recommendation) or public offer. Law firm “Pravova Dopomoga” is not responsible for any act or inaction that occurred as a result of reading the materials from the website.

Interaction with the firm

It should be noted that any information sent to our firm via e-mail is not protected, it does not fall under confidentiality terms. Correspondence or contacts via telephone with the firm (its employees) without a confidentiality agreement’s conclusion or services provision does not create “lawyer-client” relations between the firm and a person who addressed the firm.

This notification is regulated by the legislation of Ukraine.