Obtaining the industrial design certificate in ukraine

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Obtain the Industrial Design Certificate
Obtaining the industrial design certificate in ukraine
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  • Help to determine the correct protection option for the product;
  • Develop application materials for obtaining industrial design certificates in Ukraine;
  • Draw up license agreements for using an industrial design, provide legal support during the registration of such agreements;
  • Consult on any issues related to protection and use of industrial design, prevention and suppression of unfair competition and violation of the owner’s rights;
  • Represent the Client’s interests in court and quasi-judicial bodies.





Documents required

List of documents
Information on the applicant
Information on the applicant
Product images
Product images
Purpose and scope of use of the product
Purpose and scope of use of the product

To register the right to an industrial design in Ukraine, you need to submit the following packages of documents:

For authors (individuals):

  • passport data;
  • images (schemes, drawings) of the product;
  • product purpose and scope of use.

For employers (legal entities):

  • name and EDRPOU code;
  • information on the author;
  • images (schemes, drawings) of the product;
  • product purpose and scope of use.

The standard period for processing an application for the industrial design registration is 7-10 months.

The application lead time on a fast-track basis is 2,5-3 months.

The price of the industrial design registration does not include payment of duties and administrative fees, which must be paid to get the industrial design certificate. Before submitting the application materials, our specialists will tell you in detail about the amount of fees (administrative costs).

Filing an application with Ukrpatent for a patent (certificate) for an industrial design is charged a one-time fee, the amount of which depends on the number of the product options.

Upon receipt of the positive conclusion of the expert institution, you must pay a fee for the issuance of a patent (certificate) and an administrative fee for the publication about the patent (certificate) issuance.

To learn more about the amount of administrative fees and duties to be paid for the patent (certificate) for an industrial design, please follow the link.

You can obtain the industrial design certificate regardless of your location after you have provided us with the necessary information. After getting the industrial design certificate, we will send it to you in a convenient way.

We can discuss all questions related to the industrial design registration online, in terms of introductory consultation.

Why us

Preliminary study
Preliminary study
Before submitting an application for a certificate, our specialists will help to determine the expediency of obtaining the certificate, draw up application materials in such a way as not to violate the rights of others, determine the product protection option, as well as conduct other research to address the Client’s issue.
Design development
Design development
If you have certain ideas, your own sketches or drawings of the product, but do not know / can not implement them, our experts are ready to help you.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:

The procedure for the industrial design registration in Ukraine

Before submitting an application for a industrial design registration certificate, you shall take the following actions:

1. Conduct preliminary studies

Before submitting an application to Ukrpatent, it is necessary to determine whether this method of protection of the external product will meet the Client’s needs, whether there are risks of rejection of the certificate, how to overcome them at the stage of submitting the the application and other issues that will help to successfully address the Client’s issue.

2. Prepare application images

Properly selected images of the product can be called one of the most important components of the application, because it is thanks to them the expert determines the distinctive features of the product, which in turn determines the scope of legal protection.

Therefore, the images shall provide the most complete picture of the product.

3. Determine the work order

At this stage, we need to determine the person on whose behalf the application will be made, to choose the standard or accelerated procedure and to decide on other issues, which may affect the period, price and other procedural aspects.

If necessary, the specialists of our company will help you to solve all these issues.

Stages of issuing an industrial design certificate:

  • Conducting preliminary studies to determine the possibility and/or necessity to obtain an industrial design certificate;
  • Drawing up a set of the product images;
  • Preparing the product description (elimination of doubts in novelty);
  • Payment of administrative fees;
  • Preparing the application materials and their submission to Ukrapatent;
  • Legal support of materials consideration by Ukrpatent;
  • Obtaining a positive conclusion from the expert institution;
  • Payment of a fee for the issuance of a patent (certificate) and an administrative fee for the publication about a patent (certificate);
  • Obtaining a certificate.

When applying to us for legal services, you not only get a positive result. We offer exceptional service quality, as well as fast and flawless order execution.

Answers to frequently asked questions

What is the validity period of the industrial design certificate?

The validity period of property rights of the owner of the industrial design certificate is 5 years from the date of filing an application for it. However, before the expiration of this period, the applicant may extend it for 5 years once or several times. The total validity period of property rights for an industrial design may not exceed 25 years from the date of filing an application.

Can i obtain the industrial design certificate in other countries?

Yes, a citizen of Ukraine or an enterprise registered in Ukraine can register an industrial design almost in any country by applying to the patent office of that country. You can also apply to WIPO for a certificate, which provides for the protection of the product in 91 countries or an submit an application for registration of the so-called Community design, which allows you to get industrial design protection in the EU countries.

Can an enterprise obtain the industrial design certificate?

Yes, an enterprise (a legal entity) can also obtain the industrial design certificate. In this case:
. 1) The application must specify the author of the product;
. 2) The enterprise will own only property rights to the industrial design.

Is it possible to transfer a promo design to another person?

Yes, the owner of the industrial design certificate may transfer the to another person:
1) the right to use the industrial design;
2) property rights to industrial design;
3) the industrial design into ownership.
Such transfer shall be made on the basis of an agreement.

Interesting information about the patent for industrial design

According to the World Intellectual Property Organization, as of the beginning of 2020, more than 12,780,000 industrial designs were registered (under international applications under the Hague System).

Every year Ukrpatent receives more than 2,000 applications for registration patents (certificates) for industrial designs. Only in the first half of 2020 the desire to register the product as an industrial design was expressed by 996 persons.

Why is it worth getting the industrial design certificate with our lawyers?

Our advantages:

  • Constant communication with the Client Manager, who is always ready to explain the current situation and provide all necessary information on the case;
  • Extensive experience in solving such tasks;
  • Understanding the value of your personal time - we provide all consultations in the clearest possible way, so that you do not have to clarify or ask for more information - everything will be clear from the first time.

Do you want to get the industrial design certificate or have any questions about protecting your brand? Give us a call!

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