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This article will be useful both for legal entities (which represent interests of their employees and want to perform activity of the company in Ukraine) and for natural persons – foreigners who want to stay in the territory of Ukraine on legal grounds and who do not have a residence permit yet.

For more exact analysis, it is worth while dividing the non-residents into the following categories:

Countries with visa-based stay
(getting the type B, C, D visas is required)
Countries where the type D visa is required for getting a residence permit Visa-free countries
Australia, India, China, countries of Africa, Asia, Oceania EU countries, the USA, Israel, Japan Azerbaijan, Belarus, Armenia, Moldavia, the UAE, Russian Federation, Uzbekistan

It is provided by the law that, regardless of the country of citizenship (visa-based/visa-free country), the period of stay in Ukraine is 90 days during 180 days.

But, according to the international law, it is provided that for a legal entry and stay in the territory of Ukraine, a visa (a permission document) should be registered.

The following types of visas are provided by the law:

  • transit visas (type “B”) are registered in case of transit travel through the territory of Ukraine to the third country, and also for transit transportation of goods and people by automobile transport.

The period of stay with such a visa does not exceed 5 days. Transit visas are registered as single, double, and multiple visas;

  • short-term visas (type “C”) are registered for stay in Ukraine for the period of up to 90 days during 180 days.

Short-term visas are registered as single, double, and multiple visas;

  • long-term visas (type “D”) are issued with the purpose for further registration of documents by competent authorities of Ukraine which (documents) give the right for stay or residence in Ukraine for the period exceeding 90 days.

Long-term visas are registered as multiple visas – for 90 days.

The main problem is that for getting visas it is necessary to collect a package of documents and submit it to the consular establishment.

Since the foreigners understand badly the legislative framework of Ukraine, it is difficult for them to solve this question independently.

What should a foreigner be guided by when getting a visa?

To begin with, a detailed analysis of client’s situation and a strategy of actions should be made. First of all, it is necessary to understand if a foreigner needs a type C visa and/or a type D visa.

After that, the preparation of package of documents begins for getting a suitable visa.

We prepare the following documents:

  • visa application form for a foreigner;
  • translation of passport into Ukrainian which is certified by a notary;
  • insurance for the period of foreigner’s stay in Ukraine;
  • we make a photo necessary for a visa application form;
  • document that confirms the purpose of entry and stay in Ukraine.

Additionally, we perform consulting with providing a written instruction about how it is necessary to conduct oneself at the consulate of Ukraine. And we also register for submission of documents and for getting a visa and send the necessary documents to the client abroad. 

What difficulties may arise in the process?

The difficulty is that the strategy of actions is to be conveyed remotely. Besides that, other difficulties may arise, too, for example, when getting a type D visa based on voluntary activity for citizens of the Third World countries. In this situation, it is difficult to persuade a consul of credibility of an imaginary citizen of India or Afghanistan as a volunteer

If you are a foreigner and you plan staying in the territory of Ukraine for certain time, learn what is needed for that and please call.

Publication date: 01/02/2019

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