Non-standard reasons for refusal to issue a medical practice license

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Our firm often receives requests from the Clients who have already tried to obtain a medical license through their own effort, but repeatedly have got the refusal from the licensing authority.

So, among the reasons for refusing to issue a medical practice license, there may be fairly obvious reasons: the lack of doctors whose specialties are indicated in the list, and for which the Client wishes to obtain a license or the lack of mandatory equipment for doctors' rooms.

In this material, we will try to analyze the non-obvious, yet quite frequent reasons for the refusal to issue a license for medical practice, which entrepreneurs who wish to obtain it have faced.

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Question of doubling up

When obtaining a license for medical practice, you must specify the information from the sole trader’s or medical director’s work record book, if the license is received by a healthcare institution, that is, a legal entity. In practice, the medical director usually works also as one of the doctors for whose specialty a license is obtained.

  • The reason for the refusal in this case may be the situation when the work record book contains a record of employment of a medical director, but there is no record that such a person will also work part-time as a doctor.

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Registration of a sole trader

Today, a sole trader can also obtain a license for medical practice in Ukraine, even if he/she does not have a medical education degree, while ensuring that people with a medical education degree are employed by them. But before applying for a license, it is necessary to conduct state registration of a sole trader.

  • The reason for the refusal in this situation may be that the person first signs the necessary lease agreements for the premises, where he/she will carry out medical practice and submit documents for a license, and only then conduct a state registration of the sole trader.

Processing paperwork for a medical license

Before you sign the information that is submitted to obtain a license for medical practice, you must fulfill one more requirement of the licensing conditions, namely, number and sew together the files, as well as attest it with the signature of the head of the legal entity or the sole trader.

  • The reason for refusal in this case may be a plain lack of page numbering and the fact that documents have been submitted in an unsewn-together form and do not have the signature of an authorized person.

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Office Routine

The most licensed conditions do not provide for this, but the reason for the refusal may even be non-compliance with the Model Regulation on record keeping in ministries and other central executive bodies.

  • For example, you can get a refusal if the signature in the statements that are submitted to obtain the license is on the last page, on which there is only the signature itself, without a note that the person confirms the accuracy of the data specified in the information.

How to handle a registration of a medical license in Ukraine?

The procedure and preparation of the package of documents for obtaining a license for medical practice is clearly regulated and formalized, and therefore any inaccuracy or inconsistency in the preparation of the package of documents is the basis for refusing to issue a license.

If you have nevertheless decided to obtain a license for medical practice through your own effort , but got a refusal, it is better to try contacting specialists in this area. After all, they can give recommendations on eliminating the errors that have caused the refusal. Unfortunately, the licensing authority does not always indicate the reasons why they decided to refuse to issue a license, which means it’s very difficult to figure it out on your own.

If you still have questions about the procedure for obtaining a medical license, or if you just want to receive a ready-made set of documents, please contact our specialists.

Publication date: 25/09/2019

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