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A lot of medical institutions practice to invite foreigners, who have diplomas of foreign universities and colleges, for work. Except it, a plenty of Ukrainian citizens study abroad and then start their carrier in our hospitals. The required term of a legal work is verification of a diploma in Ukraine. In this article we will examine matters on confirmation foreign medical diplomas, which were issued abroad, in Ukraine.

Nowadays we can define a few situations which are related to foreign diplomas. There are following situations:

  • Diplomas which were issued by higher educational institutions in USSR;
  • Documents on higher medical education which were obtained in post-Soviet countries;
  • Diplomas which were issued by higher educational institutions by other faraway countries.

First of all, we will look through the situation when invited medical workers have diplomas which were issued in USSR or post-Soviet countries.

According to the Treaty on cooperation in a sphere of education dated the 15th of May 1992, which was signed in Tashkent, diplomas issued to former citizens of USSR before the 15th of May 1992 are verified in Ukraine and don’t need to be specially confirmed. As follows, this diploma confirms qualification without additional procedures of verification. As a rule, worker must have only notarized translation of the document. However, you need to admit that this Treaty was not signed by Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. That’s why diplomas which were issued there must be verified in Ukraine.

Minsk Treaty “On common recognition of documents on higher/higher professional education” dated the 31st of May 2013 defines common recognition of diplomas which were issued in post-Soviet countries. Moreover, Ukraine has signed a lot of agreements on recognition of diplomas with countries which are members of the Commonwealth of Independent States. However, the laws of Ukraine recognize verification of these diplomas because abovementioned agreements define equivalence of qualifications which were put in diplomas but not revoke requirement to make an official decision about verification. Practical value of these agreements is in simplified procedure of verification.

Some web-sites define that diplomas which were issued in post-Soviet countries don’t have to be verified if there is an agreement. Unfortunately, this position is legally contradicted and even wrong for medical diplomas.

The main legal act which regulates employment of medical workers with foreign diplomas is the Order of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine no. 118-c dated the 19th of August 1994 “On approving the procedure of allowing citizens who passed medical and pharmaceutical preparation in educational foreign institutions to medical and pharmaceutical activities”. This Order determine that matter of employment of a specialist with a medical diploma, which was issued abroad, is dealt after examining an application form and a  certificate of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on verification of a diploma. It means that verification of a diploma which is issued by educational institutions of post-Soviet countries is a mandatory condition for doctor’s employment in Ukraine.

This matter is concerned diplomas which were issued in other foreign countries.

Publication date: 24/09/2014

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