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Obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit (hereinafter - the Permit) in Ukraine is one of the most popular services provided by us to non-residents.

The permit is a document certifying the identity of a foreigner or a stateless person and confirming their legal grounds for permanent residence in Ukraine.

In our article, we shall consider the most frequently asked questions and different options for obtaining the Permanent Residence Permit if you have no grounds.

First of all, the preparation of documents begins with obtaining an Immigration Permit. Our lawyers will help you find grounds for obtaining this Permit. For this purpose, we need to review your documents and agree on an algorithm of actions.

Today, we will answer the most frequent questions asked by our Clients, and tell you about the most important points of the process

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How to obtain an Immigration Permit?

In order to obtain an Immigration Permit, you must meet the following conditions:

  • choose a ground that will allow you to immigrate legally;
  • prepare a package of relevant documents depending on the ground for obtaining an Immigration Permit.

Please see an example of preparing a package of documents based on having relatives in Ukraine here. The package of documents is also listed below in the article.

Our specialists will help you with preparation of documents in Ukraine, notarial translations and support at state authorities. 

Please note! The period of consideration of documents is 1 year.

What to do after getting an Immigration Permit in Ukraine?

After you obtain the main document, an Immigration Permit, you will need to gather a package of documents for a Permanent Residence Permit, obtain all necessary certificates and make notarized translations. The final step is submitting the collected package of documents to the State Migration Service of Ukraine (the SMS).

Let’s consider in more detail the procedure for obtaining an Immigration Permit on the basis of family ties. For example, a son immigrated to Ukraine, who subsequently wanted to move his father closer to him. Thus, the father has a legal ground – an immigrant in the family. In addition, the legislation provides quota places for immigration on this basis. And it does not matter on what grounds the immigrant has obtained a Permanent Residence Permit - his family members can apply for a Permanent Residence Permit on the basis of family ties.

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The main documents for immigration under this quota will include:

- documents confirming the immigrant’s family ties with the relative applying for a Permanent Residence Permit for parents:

  • immigrant’s birth certificate;
  • parents’ passports (translated into Ukrainian and notarized copies).

– a valid Permanent Residence Permit of the immigrant (i.e., in this case, the son’s Permit).

The general list of documents for obtaining an Immigration Permit:

  • Original and copy of passport (page with personal data must be translated and notarized, also the page with the border crossing mark of Ukraine must be attached);
  • Information about family composition (copy of marriage certificate);
  • Notarized document confirming that the immigrant has no objection to his father immigration and guarantees him financial support in the amount of at least one living wage established in Ukraine;
  • Document about the person’s place of residence abroad (copy must be translated into Ukrainian and certified by a notary. In accordance with the law and international treaties, documents from certain countries require legalization or apostille) and in Ukraine.
  • Document that a person does not suffer from chronic alcoholism, substance abuse, drug addiction or infectious diseases, a list of which is determined by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • Persons permanently residing outside of Ukraine must  submit a certificate of no criminal record.
  • Receipt of payment for the administrative service.

When submitting documents, the SMS employee will make an electronic application, and here it is very important to check the correctness of the entered data. That is why we always accompany the Client when submitting documents to state authorities.

After obtaining the Permit, you need to submit the documents for the Permanent Residence Permit, but not later than 15 business days before the end of the legal stay of a foreigner in Ukraine.

In this case, in order to obtain the Permanent Residence Permit, we submit:

  • a foreigner’s passport or an identity document of a stateless person with D-type visa, unless otherwise stipulated by the legislation and international treaties of Ukraine (returned upon presentation) and a copy thereof;
  • Ukrainian translation of the foreigner’s passport or an identity document of a stateless person with personal data certified by a notary;
  • a copy of the decision on granting an Immigration Permit.

Packages of documents, depending on the grounds for immigration (with or without quota) and legalization of stay in Ukraine, will be slightly different. The subsequent package of documents for obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit will also differ.

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Can I submit/obtain documents for an Immigration Permit, Permanent Residence Permit, remotely or by proxy?

Unfortunately, the law provides for only personal filing of documents. Of course, we fully accompany you to the State Migration Service authorities, help you with the paperwork and explain what we submit and sign.

We advise you not to believe the promises of companies or articles on the Internet, which say they will do everything for you independently or by proxy, because this possibility is not stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine.

What age do I have to be to apply for a Permanent Residence Permit?

The Permit is issued to foreigners or stateless persons who are legally staying on the territory of Ukraine and

1) have reached the age of 16 (on the basis of application forms submitted by them personally);

2) have not reached the age of 16 or are recognized as having limited or incapable of legal capacity (on the basis of application forms of one of the parents (adoptive parents) with whom they live).

Please note! The validity period of the Permit is 10 years, and after its termination, you may re-submit the package of documents.

How long do I have to stay in Ukraine after getting a Permanent Residence Permit?

The Permanent Residence Permit in Ukraine does not require a foreigner to reside in Ukraine permanently or refrain from temporary travel abroad. A foreigner has the right to stay in Ukraine or abroad as long as he needs without any restrictions.

What benefits does the Permanent Residence Permit provide in addition to the right to permanent residency in Ukraine?

If you obtain a Permanent Residence Permit, you may relocate your family members (parents, children, spouse) to Ukraine.

In addition, after 6 months from the day of obtaining the Permit you can bring your car into the territory of Ukraine without paying customs duties.

When do I need to change my Permit?

You may need to change your Permit if:

  • the information specified in the Permit has changed;
  • an error was found in the information indicated in the Permit;
  • the Permit has expired;
  • it is not suitable for further use;
  • the foreigner or stateless person is over the age of 25 or 45 (if the visa does not contain a contactless electronic media, i.e. the old type).

In these cases, you shall submit the original certificate to the SMS and prepare a package of documents confirming the circumstances or legal facts, according to which it is subject to exchange.

Our services are not limited to residence permits. We support our Clients both at the preparatory stage (health insurance policies, notarial translations), and after obtaining a residence permit (registration in Kyiv and Kyiv region). In some cases we can prepare the documents on a turnkey basis with minimal Client’s participation.

Please check the service fee for obtaining a Permanent Residence Permit here.

Turn to reliable legal companies, and you will receive the guaranteed result.

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Publication date: 29/04/2022

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