Terms and cost of registration of a foreign representative office in Ukraine

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Registration of a representative office in Ukraine
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Registration of representative office of foreign company in Ukraine
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Registration of a foreign representative office is one of the possible ways to start business in Ukraine for already existing foreign companies. A representative office is a certain form of doing business, registration and operation of which is regulated by separate rules.

Today many foreign companies have a choice when entering the Ukrainian market: to open a representative office, or to register a local company in Ukraine. The choice depends on the situation, type of activity and your business plan.

Today we will talk about how much it costs to open a representative office in Ukraine, how long it will take to register a representative office, and what you will need to do additionally to launch your business.

If you want to find an answer regarding the best option of entering the market of Ukraine for your business, and get practical assistance, please contact our experts for personal consultations.

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How long will it take you to register a representative office?

When starting the procedure for registering a foreign representative office, you must immediately divide it into two stages:

  • Preparation for a representative office registration;

  • The process of reviewing documents at the Ministry of Economic Development.

The second stage time frame is clear - 20 business days. That is the period within which the Ministry must review your documents and make a decision.

As for the first stage, the preparatory step, its time frame directly depends on the speed of preparing the necessary documents. They include:

  • Application for registration;

  • Certificate of the parent company registration;

  • Certificate from the bank where the account of the foreign company is opened, account numbers;

  • Power of attorney for the head of the representative office, duly certified;

  • Permission of the central bank of the respective country for opening an account with the right to conduct business activities for the representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine (in some cases);

  • Minutes on establishment of a representative office and appointment of the director;

  • Rental agreement for office premises (required for information).

Most of these documents must be delivered from the country of registration of the main company and duly legalized (for example, apostilled) in Ukraine.

As for constituent documents of the representative office and the lease agreement, they must be drawn up in Ukraine.

Our company, with the active assistance of the Client, handles the preparatory stage in 2-5 days.

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How much does it cost to register a representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine?

The cost of registering a representative office in Ukraine should be divided into several components:

  • State fee for registration of a representative office - U AH 2,379 as of October 2021, starting from December 2021 it is UAH 2,481. It must be paid before filing the documents;

  • The cost of translation and notarization of documents of the foreign company - on the average UAH 3,500 (USD 130);

  • The cost of legal services for the registration of the representative office - the cost will depend on the result you want to obtain. Of course, you handle the registration yourself. But in such a case you should consider the cost of time not only for staying in Ukraine and filing all the documents, but also for studying all the rules and regulations of the registration procedure.

The service price for a representative office registration with our company is broken down into comfortable packages:

Standard. The price is UAH 18,000.

Standard + Director. The price is UAH 28,000.

Premium. The price is UAH 21,000.

Premium + Director. The price is UAH 33,000.

See a full description of the packages here.

When using legal assistance in registering a representative office, you pay for:

  • Guaranteed result within the desired the time;

  • Minimum involvement in the process;

  • Reliability;

  • Absence of delays and resubmission of documents;

  • Absence of mistakes in the documents, which would later become a problem for your business;

  • Simple solution even to non-standard issues and business ideas.

The main advantage of our team is that we do not leave our Clients even after their task is completed. So, if you want to register a representative office, the registration is only the first step. Next you will need:

  • To employ personnel in the representative office, including foreigners (if necessary);

  • To understand the taxation, accounting and personnel record keeping of a representative office;

  • To get permissive documents for a representative office, if your type of business requires any;

  • To develop agreements, internal documentation for a representative office.

Our company offers you all these services.

Do you want to register a representative office in Ukraine? Don’t hesitate to contact us! We will find the best solution for your type of business and take care of the practical part of its implementation.

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