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Today, the work of Charitable Organizations and Representative Offices of foreign non-governmental and charitable organizations has intensified, the purpose of which is to provide assistance to the population and the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Of course, each Charitable Foundation or Representative Office has its own goals that they achieve during their activities. However, each organization that is registered and operates under the laws of Ukraine must comply with the requirements of the Law on the availability of relevant documents confirming each of the operations of the Fund or the Representative Office.

Our company is not only happy to share its experience through useful materials, but also provides services to non-profit organizations in Ukraine regarding registration and further activities. We offer:
  • Services of a team of experts with experience in creating and supporting non-profit organizations (NGOs) in Ukraine, including complex cases: foreign organizations, accreditation, etc.
  • The ability to completely cover the needs of the organization of work in Ukraine: accounting, legal and personnel support, all types of reporting, hiring, the procedure for working with volunteers and migration services - all services in one place, you do not need other contractors.
  • Comfort service. A personal manager is assigned to each client, you clearly understand what you will receive, when and how.

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Publication date: 21/12/2022

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