Which products are subject to compulsory registration as veterinary medicines in Ukraine?

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We were contacted by a Client engaged in supplying animal feed to Ukraine. Having been working for some time on the Ukrainian market, he decided to expand the list of his products and add import and sale of animal feed additives in Ukraine. 

Since he saw veterinary clinics and pharmacies as his main Clients, which could resell this product, our Client wondered whether this kind of product needs to be registered as a veterinary drug. Would there be any problems in transporting it across the border?

Registration of a veterinary drug and other products falling under this definition is a complex multi-step process, so the Client preferred to apply directly to specialists who:

  • will give a clear answer to his question about the need to register the product as a veterinary drug;

  • will be able to conduct the entire registration procedure, if necessary.

Our company analyzed the Client’s case and gave him a detailed consultation, part of which we provide here.

What products belong to veterinary drugs in Ukraine?

Having analyzed the composition, purpose and description of the feed additives that our Client intended to import to Ukraine, we gave him a conclusion that this product is subject to mandatory registration as a veterinary drug.

As a standard, the following veterinary medicines are subject to registration:

  • drugs used to treat animals;

  • antiseptics for animals;

  • veterinary immunobiological agents;

  • diagnostic agents;

  • deratisacides;

  • insect-acaricides;

  • feed additives;

  • homeopathic medicines used in veterinary practice;

  • premixes etc.

Any equipment and tools for veterinary medicine are also subject to state registration. 

The use of medicines, special feed additives, micronutrients, vaccines and other products from the list is prohibited without registration.

Therefore, we have agreed with our Client on further assistance in obtaining the Certificate of Registration of feed additives as veterinary medicinal products in Ukraine, starting with the development of the Dossier.

Please note! In connection with the new law on veterinary medicine, from now on the state registration of veterinary drugs will be without limit of time, not for 5 years, as it was before.

We will tell you more about the changes in the registration procedure for veterinary medicines in our upcoming publications.

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Legal services for the registration of a veterinary drug in Ukraine 

  • Development of a “Road map” for the veterinary drug registration procedure — a step-by-step guide developed specifically for your situation;

  • Preparation of the veterinary drug registration dossier;

  • Preparation and submission of documents to the appropriate agency;

  • Monitoring the consideration of the documents at the agency — we are always in touch in case a qualified response and intervention is needed;

  • Registration of a veterinary drug in Ukraine on a turnkey basis.

The cost of veterinary drug registration will depend on the amount of legal services you need. First and foremost, whether you need assistance with the development of a Dossier for a veterinary drug.

Please contact our experts for a personalized package of services and pricing for veterinary drug registration. 

Do you need assistance with successful veterinary drug registration in Ukraine? Do not hesitate to contact us! We will find the best way for you to achieve the desired result.

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Publication date: 06/07/2021

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