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License for medical practice in Ukraine
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Preparation of proper documents for medical practice license

We were addressed by the head of a medical center in Ukraine which was unable to obtain a license for medical practice as well as copies of license for its 4 branch offices for more than 4 months.

As of the moment when the Client requested our assistance he had already received 4 denials from the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine.

The center had suffered significant losses for the time of license absence: five completely equipped premises and medical staff couldn’t conduct their activities.

So our goal was to ensure the quickest possible obtainment of license for the center and copies for the branch offices.

Lawyers of our firm examined all the versions of documents that had been previously submitted to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine as well as the Ministry’s denials.

Despite the fact that denials of the Ministry provided different wordings it became clear that the key problem was formalization of branch offices of the center (requirements regarding formalization of branch offices of medical establishments were amended along with license terms for conduction of medical practice in January of 2013).

Our lawyers assisted with proper formalization of branch offices of the medical center as well as corrected a number of less significant mistakes in license documents:

  • formalized documents about material and technical basis in a proper manner;
  • complemented the list of standardization documents;
  • corrected technical mistakes in filled out documents on employees.

New documents along with an application were submitted to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and the very next commission made the decision to issue the license for the medical center and 4 copies of the license for branch offices of the center.

Publication date: 24/06/2013

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