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A non-profit organization is a community of individuals united by a specific "idea." The ideological aspect may vary or incorporate multiple ideas that the organization develops and promotes, such as advocating for the rights and freedoms of specific vulnerable populations.

However, in practice, founders of non-governmental organizations often lack a clear understanding of how to establish the correct organizational structure aligned with its goals, draft a Charter, or enter into necessary agreements. The most significant challenges arise when NGOs are created to attract and utilize grants. But this will be fine if you have reliable legal support.

With over 10 years of experience in supporting NGOs, we can guide you through the registration process of your non-governmental organization tailored to your specific requirements. If needed, we can also provide a full range of services, including accounting, legal support, organizing financial reporting, volunteer management, and more.

In our article, we will share our experience, delving into the detailed process of creating an NGO "from scratch" or preparing an existing one for international grants and funding. We will illustrate with a case study from our practice to provide a clearer understanding of this process.

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Development of the NGO Charter and Attaining Non-Profit Status

Detailed information about the direction of a non-profit organization (NGO) can be found in its Charter. The NGO's Charter is the document that covers all aspects of the organization's activities. Therefore, if you already know the type of activities your NGO will undertake, we recommend describing it in great detail in the Charter. If you need to develop a Charter specifically tailored to your activities, we would be happy to assist you.

We often receive requests for the registration of NGOs. When getting acquainted with potential founders, we immediately clarify the purpose of the activities to thoroughly and qualitatively reflect it in the Charter. We aim to avoid situations where clients have to amend the Charter after six months because certain provisions were not included by the lawyers. Additionally, we incorporate provisions related to grant acquisition, including international grants and the provision of grants to local organizations, into the Charter.

An NGO is typically a non-profit organization, which implies the absence of income distribution among participants and the use of funds for statutory activities and organizational maintenance. Non-profit status, in particular, enables and facilitates the acquisition of international grants for funding various non-commercial projects. Therefore, if you plan to secure grants, an NGO can serve as an appropriate organizational and legal form.

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Creating the Structure of an NGO from Scratch to Full Operational Readiness

When there is a clear goal, establishing a public organization (or association) is simply a means of implementation. The lawyers at our company follow a well-established approach gained over time for creating public organizations. First and foremost, we pay attention to the client's needs and the nature of their activities. Therefore, we meticulously discuss all aspects of the NGO's operations to ensure it meets the client's requirements. Subsequently, we prepare all the necessary documents and facilitate the state registration of the legal entity.

We assist the client throughout the project from start to finish, within the scope defined in the contract with our company. The standard package typically includes the following steps:

  1. Coordination of information and documents required for registration.
  2. Agreement on the NGO's charter.
  3. Development and signing of documents.
  4. Registration and monitoring (addressing any clarifications or remarks from the Ministry of Justice).
  5. Registration in the Unified State Register, obtaining documents (description and extract).
  6. Attainment of non-profit status.
  7. Opening a bank account, obtaining a seal.
  8. Other services tailored to the client's needs, such as inclusion in the registry of organizations attracting volunteers, etc.

In general, the aforementioned steps are sufficient for the operation of an NGO. However, if you intend to apply for grants, we additionally offer our clients comprehensive legal services, including contractual, advisory, personnel, and other legal work.

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Client Case: How We Assist NGOs With Their Projects

Ukrainian citizens approached us seeking legal services for the registration of a non-profit public organization. The organization aims to implement specific initiatives and provide grants to other non-profit organizations in Ukraine. We crafted a tailored charter for the client, completed the necessary state registration, opened accounts, obtained an official seal, and more.

The client also sought a foundational consultation regarding the operations of non-profit organizations in Ukraine. They wanted clarification on the key aspects and rules they needed to be aware of. We conducted this consultation, covering the intricacies of the NGO's activities, non-profit status, employee recruitment, volunteer engagement, document management, and the utilization of grant funds.

Moreover, we assisted the NGO in navigating the grant agreement process and its implementation in Ukraine by preparing the required documentation. The public organization successfully received the initial tranche of the grant and continues its operations with our ongoing support.

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We take pride in our ability to contribute to the development of non-profit organizations in Ukraine and assist them in positively influencing the world around us. Our experience and professional approach ensure that your organization receives the necessary legal support to achieve its goals. Why do our clients choose us?

  • We provide services for the preparation, development, and amendment of various types of contracts and memorandums to ensure the legal protection and security of our clients.
  • We offer competent consultations on any legal issues related to non-profit activities or NGO projects under Ukrainian legislation.
  • We have experience in representing the interests of clients before banks, government authorities, notaries, and other individuals or legal entities.
  • We assist clients in the preparation and implementation of projects, obtaining grants, and participating in programs, ensuring their successful realization and compliance with legislation.
  • We help in conducting effective negotiations with individuals or legal entities, ensuring optimal conditions and outcomes.

And that's not all.

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