Our firm helped to open private dental x-ray office in Lugansk region

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License for medical practice in Ukraine
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In May of 2018 our law firm was retained by a sole trader from Lugansk region. She wanted to get a license for medical practice of her medical office.

The case was quite interesting since she wanted to set up an x-ray diagnostics office on the premises of the existing dental clinic.

Key issues that our law firm faced were as follows:

  • how to set up an office - through a separate sole trader or a hired employee?
  • how to manage a minimum set of premises?
  • What set of equipment is needed for full-fledged operation?

Since, at the time of contacting our company, the Client was has already been registered as a sole trader (though without the relevant KVED (Ukrainian Industry Classification System  )) and given the possibility of optimizing the tax burden, it was decided to set up the activity of a dental X-ray office through a sole trader.

In terms of selection of premises, our lawyers were guided by the following:

  • available free premises on the territory of the medical dental center;
  • requirements and restrictions established by hygienic requirements for X-ray rooms.

Having taken a close look at the available premises, the company's lawyers came to the conclusion that the minimum set of premises in this case were:

  • a medical treatment room (for a dental X-ray unit)
  • A control room (which can be combined with the medical treatment room)

Also, given that our Client was an enterprise independent  from the main center, it was decided to add a small waiting room to the premises.

Particular attention was devoted to the finishing of the medical treatment room, walls, floors, ceilings and doors, which should be covered or made of materials that attenuate radiation.

Regarding the equipment of the dental X-ray room, according to the legal advice of our lawyers, it was to be equipped in two main areas:

  • Immediate x-ray equipment;
  • personal radiation protection equipment (e.g. safety glasses, aprons, vests, etc.).

In the future, based on our consultations, the Client:

  • added necessary KVEDs for medical practice;
  • rented a group of premises, as well as the corresponding dental x-ray unit and auxiliary equipment;
  • carried out necessary renovation works;
  • received a certificate of sanitary-epidemiological examination of the premises.

The final stage was the compilation of the information provided by the Client in accordance with the form established by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the submission of a package of documents to the licensing authority, based on the results of which a positive decision was made to issue a medical license.

Particular nature of licensing is the specific requirements of the Ministry of Health in terms of premises and personnel. Quite often, when filling out the necessary documentation through their own effort, business entities experience difficulties regarding certain legislative requirements, therefore, we advise to entrust this legal work to professionals to reduce the possibility of refusal from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine to a minimum. 

Publication date: 10/07/2018

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