Received a sanitary-epidemiological inspection for an individual entrepreneur

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from 18 000 UAH
1-3 specialties
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from 26 000 UAH
More than 3 specialties
License for medical practice in Ukraine
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In December 2018, our regular customer, a natural person, applied to us. Previously, we had provided legal support for him in opening a dentist’s office.

This time it was required to get a sanitary and epidemiological examination certificate (also known as an SEEC certificate) for premises in Kyiv.

Upon the moment the client applied to our company, he had already found premises that suited him by location (the Shevchenko district of Kyiv, not far from the city center) and by internal layout.

However, to register contractual relations with the lessor, first of all it is necessary to conduct an analysis of the premises: do they comply with requirements for getting a medical license?

Compared with our previous project, this time the client extended significantly the list of specialities and engaged additional staff.

Thus, medical practice was planned to be provided in all dental specialities (except for pediatric dentistry), and also in a number of specialities of junior specialists with medical education (nurses and an X-ray laboratory assistant).

We suggested the client examining the documents concerning compliance with construction and other norms. If agreed with our lawyers, the next stage was to be support in getting a sanitary and epidemiological examination certificate in Kyiv.       


What difficulties arose in the process?

Working with client’s documents showed that the desirable layout of the rooms did not comply to the full extent with requirements for the area. For example, the client considered that the rule of 14 squares (square meters) for the first dental operation chair and 10 for each subsequent chair concerned the whole medical center. Although it actually concerns each individual room.

Concerning conducting dental X-ray procedures, it was required to select such an X-ray device that would not require full-fledged rooms for medical procedures with a control panel. And with that, taking into consideration the restricted areas, the client wanted to minimize any spare expenses.

Besides that, the client understood that when conducting an examination, a subjective factor might influence the result. It depends on how the officers of the State Consumer Service interpret the construction and sanitary norms. Another important issue was the cancellation of many Soviet State Standards at the beginning of 2019, which left many single questions non-regulated.

Implementation of the project was performed in the following stages:

  • analysis of the provided documents and detecting critical non-compliances with which getting the certificate was impossible (for example, in case the building of the medical center was not led out of the housing facilities stock);
  • providing suggestions on correction of insignificant non-compliances (for example, walls finishing, lighting, etc).

After agreeing the premises by our lawyers, the client made a lease agreement and began to implement the suggested re-planning, repair, finishing etc.

At the final stage of repair, we prepared an application and the supporting documents for submitting to the State Consumer Service which is an authority of control and conformity assessment in this sphere.

The last stage of work was support of the on-site examination during which our lawyers helped the client to formulate correctly the purpose of the future use of premises and how to answer to inspectors’ clarifying questions.

What value did the client get from us?

  • a possibility to predict the decision of the State Consumer Service based on the provided documents;
  • suggestions on the optimal location of the rooms
  • full support in getting a sanitary certificate, including the on-site examination.

For who will this article be useful?

  • for owners of medical business who have already a license and plan extending (in particular, premises, addresses of performing the activity, medical specialities, etc), or moving into some other premises;
  • for entrepreneurs who are just going to open the private medical practice.

For all questions concerning getting an SEEC certificate in any region of Ukraine, please phone.

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Publication date: 14/02/2019

We are ready to help you!

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