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Licensing of private neurologists in Ukraine

We received a request for legal services provision from a neurologist who wanted to open his own neurology office while combining his private medical practice work in it with medical practice in a local hospital. In this regard, he needed a medical practice license and was interested in our services. 

The specifics of working with this Client were as follows.

The premises in which the neurological office was located were rented at a local hospital, where the doctor worked. At the time of contacting our company, the Client had already received the conclusion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service  (SES ) regarding his premises. However, the address indicated in the conclusion coincided with the address of the hospital, which in the case of medical institutions makes it impossible to obtain a license.

Having received our consultations, the Client turned to the SES and in less than a week received a new SEE conclusion that met all the requirements.

The Client also requested legal advice on the equipment of his office. The fact was that one of the medical devices that should have been used in medical practice was of a neurological profile.

As a result of the review, our lawyers confirmed that the device, although not typically neurological, could be used in that case.

In addition, part of the equipment of the neuropathologist’s office was subject to metrological verification. We advised the Client about the nearest enterprises, which could be contacted for verification, and also explained what kind of equipment was subject to it.

After the development of the statements, it took us only 2 submissions of documents in order to obtain a license for the operation of the neurologist’s doctor’s office and the Client started his medical practice.

Publication date: 22/01/2014

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