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License for medical practice in Ukraine
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License for beauty and health center in Ukraine

In fall of 2014 our law firm was contacted by a Client who needed to get medical practice license for a number of dental and cosmetic specialties. The Client intended to carry out activities in two areas: dentistry and aesthetic medicine.

The first step in our cooperation was to provide legal advice on the requirements of the licensing conditions of the Ministry of Health for the activities of medical institutions. So, the Client was interested in whether it is necessary to obtain a license separately for each area of ??activity, or is it possible to obtain one license for the entire medical center. Our lawyers of medical law practice explained that the license is issued for the entire medical institution for a specific list of medical specialties, however, after analyzing the submitted documents, they noted that since the area of  aesthetic medicine is provided by personnel without a medical education and the services they provide do not meet the licensing criteria, the medical license may be obtained only for dental specialties.

At the same time, our consultations included explanations on how to expand the list of medical specialties in the future, namely, how to include dermatology and other medical specialties in it.

At the time of contacting our company, the Client had already purchased equipment for all available rooms. Our lawyers were given the task to analyze the entire list of medical equipment for each doctor’s room and determine its compliance with the equipment tables, which are determined by the current legislation in the medical field. Based on the conclusions we provided, the Client purchased the equipment that was lacking.

Since the location of the medical center was in  Kyiv, we provided legal support in obtainment of the conclusion of the sanitary-epidemiological examination in the bodies of the SES on the premises of our Client.

Along with obtaining the conclusion of SES , our lawyers helped the Client fill out the statements included in the package of documents that was to be submitted to the licensing authority. So, our specialists provided a standard list of regulations, reporting and statistical forms, the use of which was intended for the declared dental specialties. In the process of filling out the statements, the Client requested our assistance in the formation of the staffing table of the enterprise and registration of labor relations with doctors, nurses, and other employees. Also, we helped with the correct registration of the head of the healthcare institution, since it was planned that the positions of a chief physician and director of the enterprise would be assumed by one person, which is prohibited under the current law. The lawyers of our company helped to correctly formalize labor relations and to avoid doubling up of two managerial positions by one individual.

After bringing the medical institution in full compliance with the licensing conditions and finalizing the statements, the Client only needed to sign all the documents. The submission of statements to the Center for Administrative Services of the Ministry of Health was carried out on the basis of a power of attorney issued by the Client.

Efficiency in the preparation of statements and other necessary documents made it possible to obtain a positive decision at the nearest commission. On behalf of the Client, our lawyers made official payments to the state budget and checked the readiness of the license form and its copy.

It is worth noting that obtaining a significant number of licenses for medical practice for health care facilities and offices of individuals with dental businesses by our law firm allowed us to single out this category of licenses into a separate area of ??activity within the framework of medical law practice in which our lawyers have the maximum experience and level of expertise.

Publication date: 21/11/2014

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