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Our experience of getting the Neurology Medical License

In early autumn of 2014, our law firm was contacted by an individual, a neurologist, who decided to open his own neurology office. As far as starting a business was a completely new thing for our Client, he was interested not only in obtaining the Medical License for, but also wanted to get preliminary consultation and support of his further activities.

During the first stage of our cooperation, we advised the Client on the requirements of the license regulations and other laws and regulations governing medical practice in Ukraine. The Client also wanted to choose the optimal form of incorporation for this type of business, as well as to get more information on the possible options for tax rates that would be optimal in his particular case.

Since the Client intended to personally provide health care services, without creating a legal entity, after the consultations, it was decided to register him as an individual entrepreneur. Since the physician was from the Cherkassy region, our corporate lawyers helped him to prepare all the documents to be submitted for the registration as an individual entrepreneur, as well as advised on the registration procedure, but the Client personally conducted the registration.

At the same time, based on our recommendations, the neurologist was looking for a room for his neurology office. Among other things, we advised the Client on the minimum size of such an office and the auxiliary rooms, as well as the types of utility equipment, such as ventilation, sewerage, heating, water supply, and the like. Our law firm also helped the Client to obtain the certificate on the compliance of the premises with the requirements of the sanitary and epidemiological regulations, which is included in the list of documents to be submitted to the licensing authority in Kyiv for obtaining the Medical License.

On the basis of our recommendations, the Client purchased the equipment required for conducting medical practice in neurology.

After all the material and technical basis was brought into compliance with the requirements of the law, our medical lawyers filled in the statements of the business entity, including the statements on the availability of the statutes and regulations, report and statistical data forms for the specified specialty.

The documents were delivered to our office in Kyiv by the courier service and submitted to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine on the basis of a power of attorney. This significantly saved our Client’s time and money.

The Licensing Commission made a decision to issue the Medical License to our Client at its first meeting. Having provided assistance in making official payments and submitted payment documents to the licensing authority, our lawyers checked the readiness of the license form and informed the Client about it.

The licensee had to personally obtain the license form, because today according to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, the Medical Licenses of individual entrepreneurs shall be obtained only personally. To learn more about the position of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine related to the submission and obtaining of a license under a power of attorney, please refer to the analytical material of our lawyer specializing in healthcare law. 

Publication date: 04/01/2015

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