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Licensing of dental clinics

In November of 2015 our law firm was contacted by an owner of dental clinic in Kiev region who needed to get medical practice license for his business. The licensing department of our company as well as to lawyers specializing in the area of medical law were assigned to work with the Client. Licensing of medical practice and legal support of further activities of medical institutions and private practitioners is one of the key areas of our activity.

The Сlient was planning to provide medical services in the following dental specialties: therapeutic dentistry, dentistry, pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, surgical dentistry. Junior specialists were represented by the specialties of nurses, radiologists and dental technicians.

At the time of contacting our company, the Client had already made several attempts to obtain a license, but they were unsuccessful. After analyzing the nature of refusals from the letters of the Ministry of Health, as well as the documents provided, our medical lawyers pointed out a number of inconsistencies that made it impossible to obtain a license for medical practice.

So, the key discrepancy was the absence of the position of the head doctor of the dental center, as well as the doctor himself, who would hold this position. Our lawyers advised the Client on the construction standards for the square area of ??the office and other requirements of the current legislation. After the Client managed to find adjacent premises and additionally rent the necessary room, and the layout of the room met all the requirements for medical practice, the lawyers of our company helped with obtainment of a new conclusion of the Sanitary and Epidemiological Service (SES), which included all the relevant changes in the structure of the healthcare institution.

Regarding the lack of the position of the head physician, we consulted about the educational and qualification requirements for such a position and, based on the documents provided by the Client, agreed on a specific person for the position of head of the medical center. Consultations were also provided regarding the compliance of their current doctors and nurses. During the consultations, a new staffing schedule was developed, which fully met the requirements of the Client and at the same time complied with the current medical and labor legislation.

Representatives of the medical center were additionally interested in the question of the sign of their institution and the legislative requirements for it. Our lawyers provided the necessary explanations on the mandatory and optional details of such signs, as well as other parameters, such as width, height, and the like.

An important point was the development of a document on the basis of which the dental center could carry out medical practice, namely the provision on the medical center. Our lawyers have extensive experience in developing internal documents of medical institutions, and therefore could easily express the wishes of the Client in a form that perfectly corresponded to the law.

After the material and technical base was brought into compliance and all labor relations were duly executed, our lawyers quickly filled out the relevant company statements and, along with all accompanying documents, submitted them to the licensing authority in Kiev.

The reconciled statements did not cause any comments from the licensing commission of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, and therefore a positive decision to issue a license was received at the very first meeting. In the future, our experts advised the Client regarding the payment for the issuance of a license and provided all the supporting documents to the “Single Window” of the Ministry of Health.

After that, the Client only needed to come to Kiev in order to receive a ready-made license form for medical practice and a copy of it.

Dental licenses are the most popular type of licenses for medical practice, the experience of obtaining these allows our company to obtain a license in full compliance with the requirements of the Ministry of Health within the shortest possible time.

Publication date: 07/11/2015

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