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In the fall of 2018, our firm received a request from the management of a sports team (representing one of the winter sports) from Dnipropetrovsk region to develop a plan for legalization of a US citizen’s stay in our country, the arrival of whom was organized in order to share professional experience (the specified foreigner was a veteran of sports and wanted to train our Client’s team).

The key issue at the initial stage was the status of the foreign citizen. The following options were possible for legalizing his stay on the territory of  Ukraine:

  • he arrived for work (employment) as a trainer;
  • arrived to share experience for free;
  • apart from sharing professional experience he had other reasons for arriving in Ukraine (for example, marriage or family reunification etc.).

Answers to such questions had to help to determine the ground for obtaining a residence permit for the foreigner in Ukraine, namely a temporary residence permit.

During the dialogue with the Client, we found that:

  • his sole purpose was to share professional experience;
  • payment for training was not provided;
  • the Client's sports team functioned in the form of a non-governmental organization with non-profit status.

Based on this information our lawyers offered the most optimal plan for obtaining a residence permit in Ukraine, namely through participation in the activities of volunteering organizations. Such a decision was fully in compliance with the Laws of Ukraine "On Volunteering" and "On Physical Culture and Sport" regarding the involvement of foreign volunteers as well as the Law "On the Legal Status of Foreigners and Stateless Persons" regarding the legalizing of their residence in Ukraine. It should be mentioned that the list of grounds for obtaining a permit is exhaustive, and therefore it is very important to bring the documents of the foreign citizen and / or the receiving party in compliance with the requirements of one or another ground, which may be stipulated in a number of regulatory documents.

Lawyers of our firm continued to work on one of the aspects, namely bringing the documents of the organization of our Client in compliance with the law.

In order to invite a foreign volunteer the non-governmental organization of the Client must have been included in the relevant list of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine on its official website. We have prepared and submitted based on the power of attorney the relevant set of documents, as the result of which the Client was able to see himself in the abovementioned list after only 3 days. In addition, an invitation was drafted on the basis of which a special visa for entry into Ukraine had to be obtained.

After obtaining the required status for the hosting party, our lawyers provided legal advice on preparation of the foreign citizen for moving to Ukraine, namely:

  • filling out a visa form for a D type visa;
  • confirmation of financial capability.

Moreover, our firm has organized obtainment of special medical insurance with coverage of 30,000 euros, which is on the list of documents for obtaining an immigration visa to Ukraine.

After successful obtainment of the visa and crossing border of Ukraine, the temporary residence permit for the foreign citizen was successfully obtained through our representatives in Dnipro city.

Publication date: 16/10/2018

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