Licensing of sole traders without medical education in Ukraine

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License for medical practice in Ukraine
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New medical practice licensing regulations brought a great deal of changes to the field. Among other things, the Ministry of Health allowed sole traders without medical education to obtain medical licenses in Ukraine if they hire suitable medical staff. For comparison, we note that in the past it was impossible to obtain a medical license without a specialized education. Moreover, even with a medical education, doctors virtually did not have the opportunity to freely recruit medical personnel, since the employment of other doctors with a sole trader could only take place if the employer had the highest medical category and only in the specialty indicated in the certificate of category assignment.

From the very beginning of the introduction of the new regulation, our lawyers have been accompanying the receipt of medical licenses by such entrepreneurs from all regions of Ukraine. Since the key requirement for licensing sole traders without a medical education is the availability of appropriate medical personnel and the material and technical base, our first priority when licensing a sole trader’s medical rooms is consultation on:

  • staff qualifications (correspondence of diplomas, certificates of medical specialists, certificates of assignment of a category, advanced training courses)
  • the material base that will be used to perform economic activity (correspondence of height, area and other parameters of the rooms of medical premises, compliance of medical equipment and machinery, etc.)

However, the lawyers of our company provide legal assistance not only in the form of consultations, but also in obtaining certificates of sanitary inspection on the premises, filling out applications and statements, other documents, included in the license package.

Our practice of submitting documents by proxy allows customers from all over Ukraine to concentrate on their business instead of traveling to Kyiv, where the licensing authority is located. Our specialists submit documents and carry out a full-fledged representation of the interests of the owners of medical offices up until the moment of obtaining a license.

In connection with the above changes in licensing legislation, it should be noted that in recent years there has been a tendency to transfer the medical business from legal entities to private entrepreneurs. This structuring has several advantages, namely:

  • the need for the position of a chief physician disappears;
  • there is no need to allocate a separate office in the structure of the health care institution for the chief physician;
  • there is no need for an accreditation process.

The only significant drawback of licensing medical practice for a sole trader is the restriction on the implementation of certain categories of surgical treatment.

From the end of 2016 to the beginning of 2017, more than a dozen private entrepreneurs without a medical education degree used our licensing services for their medical business.

You can learn more about our services for obtaining a license for medical practice on the page of the corresponding services of our law firm.

Publication date: 26/03/2017

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