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Brought a medical license for the orthopedic traumatologist in compliance with the legislation

In February 2018, a client contacted us for receiving medical law services. In this article, you can get acquainted with the main problems and issues which were resolved successfully by our lawyers.

Client's portrait

  • a practicing orthopedist-traumatologist, an individual entrepreneur from the Dnipropetrovsk region;
  • when he approached our company he had already a license, however, the minimum amount of medical services was provided for it, that’s why it was necessary to expand the list of specialties and add the address where the work is carried out.

What problems did the client face with before contacting our lawyers?

Key client issues were as follows:

  • the medical license valid at that time was received under the old license conditions and needed to be brought in line with the new ones;
  • some of the documents, which were submitted when the license was received, were lost, and the client didn’t have any statements which were submitted to the Ministry of Healthcare and contained requisites of the necessary documents
  • the other part of the documents, which had the validity, was invalid and needed to be updated/continued.

In addition to solving the problems mentioned above, the client needed to resolve the following issues:

  • opening a new address of work in addition to the existing one;
  • attracting employees in a number of medical and junior medical specialties such as physiotherapy, nursing care (at the time of receiving a license, hiring workers of other specialties by a self-employed doctor was impossible).

Challenges which our specialists have successfully overcome

  • a significant recovery period of lost documents (for example, doctor’s diploma, certificate of a specialist physician);
  • the need to receive a number of documents (for example, an act of sanitary-epidemiological inspection) in the Dnipropetrovsk region remotely from us;
  • brought in line the documents of staff;
  • since the documents were submitted according to the procedure of amending the license, which the Ministry of Healthcare examines for a longer period of time than in the case with the initial procedure of receiving a license, it took longer to receive a positive decision.

Lawyers' approach to resolving a client’s situation

The work on bringing the client's documents in accordance with the license conditions was carried out in a number of areas:

  • in the part of the lost documents, the client was given an explanation of how they can be restored (for example, a medical university diploma) or about the necessity to receive the new ones (for example, the certificate of a specialist physician), because the validity period of the lost ones has anyway ended;
  • since the new address of the work was being repaired, the lawyers of our company, together with the design and construction organization, consulted the client on building codes for specific specialties;
  • despite the expansion of the list of specialties, it was necessary to get an act of sanitary-epidemiological examination, and not only at the new address but also at the primary address (as it is required by the licensing conditions). It should be noted that our company doesn’t work directly with the Consumer Service Department(the body which issues sanitary acts today) outside Kiev, but even remote work was properly organized, which allowed the client to receive acts successfully on both premises under our supervision;
  • the client was advised on the legislative requirements for equipping cabinets with various tools, as well as equipment, which is although provided by law expressly, but isn’t necessary in practice;
  • in parallel with advising a client, our lawyers prepared the documents which must be submitted directly to a license at the Ministry of Healthcare, and therefore, as soon as the last document was received from the client, we were able to file documents without delay;
  • until a positive decision was received, our lawyers regularly monitored the decisions of licensing commissions of the Ministry of Healthcare, which at that time were published with a considerable delay.

The value received by the client, working with our company

  • quick solution to a difficult situation;
  • professional support which facilitated and accelerated the recovery of the lost documents;
  • he didn’t spend forces on the restoration of those documents which were easier to receive again;
  • comprehensive consultation on construction, sanitary standards, medical equipment, etc.;
  • bringing his license into line with the current license conditions and making a number of significant changes (expanded the list of specialties and second address).

Who may be helpful to use such services?

  • owners of the medical business (both individual entrepreneurs and legal) who intend to add/remove medical specialties in their license;
  • a subject of entrepreneurial activity who are going to move to a new building or open additional addresses/close them;
  • owners of medical licenses who don’t make changes to the license, but received them under the old licensing conditions and want to bring their documents into line with existing legislation.


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