Registration of copyright to computer software in Ukraine

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Registration of copyright to computer software in Ukraine
Registration of copyright to computer software in Ukraine
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  • Providing preliminary consultations on state registration of copyright in Kyiv and Ukraine;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for copyright registration in Ukraine;
  • Assistance with payment of official payments;
  • Submission of documents to the registration authority;
  • Support of registration procedures for copyright registration.


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Our law firm renders services on registration of copyrights on the computer program that allows to protect the author or the owner of the software product from illegal use of its source code.

The price of copyright registration is contractual.

The term for obtaining copyright is 2.5-3.5 months.

Necessary documents

  • Application in accordance with the established form, which is filled in in the Ukrainian language (if necessary, filled in by employees of our company);
  • Copy of the work (in this case the source code of the computer program on the optical carrier - disk)*;
  • User's Guide;
  • Summary of the work;
  • Document certifying the fact and date of publication of the work (if any);
  • Document on payment of the official fee for preparation for copyright registration;
  • Document on the payment of the state duty for the issuance of the certificate;
  • Power of Attorney for a lawyer of our company.

Depending on the specific situation, our lawyers may also need other documents.

* The output text (sorts) of the program is provided to the extent that it is sufficient for the purposes of its identification. At the same time, it is the applicant who chooses the code fragments that will be transferred for storage. He has the right to delete the parts of the source code that should not be displayed at his discretion.Copyright registration for the source code is not the only option to protect the rights of the creator of such a software product. Other ways are to obtain a patent not for the source code itself, or part of it, but for the algorithm by which the program works.

The fact is that a program written in another programming language is absolutely identical to a program, it will be recognized by the current legislation as a completely new work, for which the certificate of registration of the first program will not apply. Having received a patent for the algorithm, you will be able to be more confident in the reliability of protection of your creation from attempts of reverse engineering (reverse engineering).

It is also possible to register the program name as a trademark. In this order both text and graphic symbols are subject to registration. This method of protection becomes especially important when the popularity of an individual program or company (startup), which is built around the software product as a whole, grows.

These options can be not only alternative, but also applied in a complex, which allows you to get the highest possible level of protection.

As a result of copyright registration, the author or person-applicant will receive a corresponding certificate of registration.

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