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Trademark registration

Trademark registration

What we do

  • draw up all necessary documents for registration;
  • optimize the type of trademark in the most favorable way for the Client (if necessary) with the view to cost savings on administrative fees;
  • define the class of the ICGS (International Classification of Goods and Services);
  •  undertake the risks analysis before registration of the trademark (on the subject of identity with other trademarks);
  • obtain a certificate;
  • advise you on all requirements of the trademark registration legislation if necessary.

Term of obtaining - from 8 to 18 months.


Trademark registration
10000 UAH

A lump-sum payment is charged for filing a set of documents with the Ukrainian Intellectual property Institute (Ukrpatent), based on the number of classes, color and form of the trademark.


It will also be required to pay a publication fee, based on the qualitative characteristics of the trademark and the fee for the issuance of a certificate.


You can familiarize with the sums of administrative fees by following the link.


If you have an intention to register trademark rights not only for yourself then you will have to pay 30% more in administrative fees.

You can obtain a trademark certificate regardless of your location, after providing us with the necessary information. After obtainment of the certificate, we will send it via the most convenient mean of delivery for you.


  • plus

    Preliminary analysis of trademark

    During trademark registration, it is important to ensure its originality. It is also necessary to find out whether similar trademarks exist and to which classes of the ICGS (International Classification of Goods and Services) do they belong. Lawyers of our firm are able to provide such an analysis, for you - it minimizes the risk of registration refusal.
  • plus

    Design development

    If you have certain ideas, own sketches or drawings of a trademark, but you do not know/cannot transform them into final trademark image - our specialists are ready to help you (as an optional service).


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Documents for obtaining a certificate for a mark of goods and services

  • Trademark image
  • Information about the applicant (individual or legal person)
  • Power of attorney for submitting the documents to Ukrpatent

For an individual:


  • passport;
  • trademark image;
  • notarial power of attorney;
  • class of the ICGS (International Classification of Goods and Services) (if known);
  • contact information.


For a legal person:


  • Business registration ID number;
  • passport of the director (CEO);
  • the power of attorney signed by the director;
  • trademark image;
  • class of the ICGS (International Classification of Goods and Services) (if known);
  • contact information.


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Important to know

A trademark should not contain common words that can be applied to any products or services, for instance, “Super”, “Class”, “Excellent”. However, the name, which contains the head word + general word, for instance, “Super Cleaner” can be used. Besides, it is prohibited to use collocations that can mislead the consumer or client and result in some similarity of the trademark with another manufacturer, geographic location, or quality of the product or service.


What is the duration (validity) of a certificate for a mark of goods and services? Is it possible to extend it?

The validity of the certificate is 10 years, which is subject to extension.

What is the difference between ™ and ®?

™ - shows that the trademark is in the process of registration;
® - means that the trademark has already been registered.

Why does the TM registration process take such a long time?

The process is associated with a number of necessary examinations, which are conducted by the authority issuing the certificate on the mark of goods and services.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


The TM registration service includes preliminary analysis of the trademark, drafting of a set of documents for submitting, design development (if necessary and agreed upon), supervision of the trademark case consideration by Ukrpatent, sending of a certificate of registration to the Client.



A positive decision on trademark registration depends on whether the submitted trademark complies with the requirements provided by legislation. For this reason our specialists carry out a preliminary analysis.


Before trademark registering, you must decide on:


  • trademark type: verbal, graphical or combined
  • color: monochrome or colored;
  • number of classes of the ICGS (International Classification of Goods and Services).


If necessary, specialists of our firm will help you to get through the process.




  • preliminary analysis of the Client's situation; 
  • retaining of related legal services; 
  • obtainment of necessary information from the Client; 
  • preparation, analysis and submission of documents; 
  • provision of the certificate of registration to the Client. 


If you have any questions, please contact lawyers of our firm.