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300 USD
from 700 USD
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What we offer

  • analysis of requests for clarification and provision of documents;
  • analysis of the schedule for scheduled tax audits;
  • preparation of a response to a request for explanations and copies of documents;
  • analysis of the Order on conducting a tax audit;
  • analysis of primary documentation before the start of the audit to identify potential risks regarding the application of penalties and additional accrual of tax liabilities;
  • instructing employees regarding behavior during the inspection;
  • providing advice at the time of tax audit;
  • providing answers to requests and explanations during the audit;
  • analysis of the act of tax audit;
  • preparation of objections to the act of verification.


Service packages offers

Request audit
Request audit
300 USD
This package is the first and mandatory step in any inspection.
  • Analysis of primary documentation in order to identify potential risks of the application of fines and assessment of tax liabilities
  • Analysis of the inspection order
  • Conclusions of a lawyer regarding the chosen way of protecting interests and determining the scope of a lawyer's work to support a tax audit
from 700 USD
The package is provided after the Audit (package 1).
  • Verification of the validity of the requested documents and the feasibility of providing them in the volumes specified by the examiners in the requests
  • Providing answers to requests as part of a tax audit
  • Analysis of the Client's counterparties, business transactions with which are the subject of verification, for compliance with the principle of prudence in choosing a counterparty (we analyze all possible registers, exchange constituent documents with counterparties)
  • Preparation and provision of key recommendations to staff on conduct during the inspection
  • Direct participation of the lawyer during the inspection (from the beginning to the end of the inspection)
  • Preparation of objections to the act of inspection
  • Accepting the participation of a lawyer in the process of considering objections to the conclusions of the inspection act
* the cost of the package for scheduled inspections will be higher and will be determined by the period during which the inspection will take place.
After tax audit
After tax audit
from 500 USD
  • Reading the Inspection Act
  • Analysis of the Inspection Act and annexes to the Act
  • Preparation and writing of objections to the Inspection Act
  • Accepting the participation of a lawyer in the process of considering objections to the conclusions of the Inspection Act
*if you contacted us after passing the check not with our lawyers, you will additionally need an Audit of the situation

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