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What do you need for child (baby) adoption in Ukraine?

The adoption process in Ukraine is not a simple procedure, which includes a number of actions. However, if you thoroughly know the requirements of the legislation regarding these actions, the adoption process will become much faster and more pleasant.

When adopting, there are a number of problems that can be solved quickly and efficiently, with the help of advice and assistance of adoption attorney.

"Pravovs Dopomoga" company provides only professional legal assistance related to the legal procedure of adoption, our company is not engaged in intermediary activities in the adoption process.

Thinking about the adoption services, many ask themselves questions:
  • What do you need for adoption in Ukraine? 
  • Is there a benefit for the adopted child?
  • Where can I adopt a child?
  • Is adoption after the deprivation of parental rights possible?
  • How to adopt an infant (baby) in Ukraine?
  • What documents are necessary for adoption?
  • Until what age can you adopt a child?
  • Is the consent of the child required for adoption?
  • How much does it cost to adopt a child in Ukraine?
  • What are the specific adoption rules?
To all these questions, taking into account your personal situation, can give an answer to adoption lawyers

Adoption: where to start (legal advice on adoption)

Who can adopt a child (infant or adult) in Ukraine?

The adopter of a child may be a legally capable person at least twenty-one years of age, except when the adopter is a relative of the child.

The adopter may be a person older than the child whom he or she wishes to adopt for at least fifteen years. The age difference between the adopter and the child may not exceed forty-five years.

Adopters may be spouses or unmarried persons, provided that they are Ukrainian citizens.

State guarantees for the adoption of a child

1. A child who has been adopted retains the right to a pension, other social benefits and compensation for the loss of the breadwinner, which he or she had before the adoption.

2. A person who has adopted an orphan or a child without parental care shall be entitled:
  • For financial assistance (adoption payments) for the adoption of a child in the amount equal to the birth of the first child. The amount of the allowance shall not be changed for the adoption of two or more children. This payment is called the lump-sum adoption benefit;
  • To receive parental leave until the child reaches the age of three;
  • To a one-time paid leave of 56 calendar days, excluding holidays and non-working days (for adoptions of children over three years of age);
  • To receive paid annual leave of 10 calendar days;
  • To find out the amount of payments to adoptive parents in 2019, please contact our specialists in the process of legal assistance to adoptive parents.
How to adopt a child in Ukraine (Kyiv and the regions) if the adoptive parents are Ukrainian citizens?

Ukrainian citizens wishing to adopt a child should submit a written application with a list of annexes established by law to the children's affairs service at their place of residence.

The Office for Children's Affairs shall, within 10 working days of receiving an application from Ukrainian citizens for the adoption of a child:
  • Draw up a report on the examination of their living conditions; 
  • Consider the question of whether applicants may become adoptive parents; 
  • Prepare the relevant opinion. 
In case of positive decision - puts applicants on the register as candidates for adoption (waiting list). Applicants are issued an opinion, along with punched, numbered, sealed, certified by the head of the service for children's affairs documents.

Candidates for adoptive parents, who, based on the results of familiarization with the information about children registered locally, did not wish to receive a referral to get acquainted with the child, may apply to the Ministry of Youth, Family and Gender Policy of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea, the children's affairs services of the regional, Kyiv and Sevastopol state administration to get acquainted with the information about the children registered in the region, or, at their request, to the Department to get acquainted with the information about the children registered centrally.

Once the information about the children who may be adopted has been made available to the candidates or adoptive parents who have expressed their intention to meet the child in person, a referral is issued to the children's affairs office at the child's place of residence (or location) for the organization of meeting with the child. The waiting period for adoption can vary.

After establishing contact with the child, candidates for adoption apply to the service for children's affairs at the place of residence of the child with a statement of desire to adopt him/her.

The cost of adoption process organization in Ukraine 

Requirements and list of documents for adoption of the child 

The statement is prepared in Ukrainian. The application shall specify the surname, name, patronymic, place of residence of the candidate for adoption, as well as the surname, name, patronymic, age, place of residence of the child and if the adoption of a child with special needs is possible (Ukraine).

The head of the children's institution or the person, with whom the child lives, at the request of the service for children, to which the candidates for adoption with a statement on the desire to adopt a particular child, provides the following documents:
  • A copy of the child's birth certificate;
  • copy of the death certificate of the child's parents or copy of the court's decision to deprive them of their parental rights or to declare them incompetent;
  • copy of the notarized consent of the parents, guardian or custodian of the child for his adoption;
  • notification of the health care institution or educational establishment where the child is living of his or her consent to the child's adoption. If there is a notarized consent of the parents to the adoption of the child, the consent of the health care institution or educational institution where the child lives is not provided;
  • copy of the opinion on the child's state of health, physical and mental development;
  • the act on acquaintance of candidates to the adoptive parents with the child;
Copies of the documents shall be signed by the head of the institution and sealed.

On the basis of the application of the candidate adoptive parents and the above-mentioned documents, the children's affairs service of the place of residence of the child prepares within 10 working days an opinion on the expediency of the adoption and compliance with the child's interests for submission to the court.

Candidates for adoption must submit an application for adoption to the court at the child's place of residence (or location) in order to take a decision on the adoption of the child.

Adoption of children shall be carried out on the basis of the court decision. As a result - the adopter receives permission (act) for the adoption of the child - a document on adoption, confirming the completion of the process.

Our lawyers can provide You with all the needed assistance and help in adoption process. So if You are asking yourself a question "How to find a reliable adoption lawyer near me?" - we are the answer.
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Adoption of children in Ukraine (Kiev and regions)

Adopting a child (Ukraine, Kiev and regions) is a beautiful, pure desire that will allow you to create a family and make a lonely little man happy. But, unfortunately, the whole procedure is so time-consuming that it is almost impossible to pass it on your own, without qualified help from others.

That is why, if you want your family to adopt a child or several children without any problems in the procedural plan, you should think about applying to specialists in this field. This will help protect your rights as adoptive parents and the rights of the child adopted in Ukraine.

This will help you to quickly understand all the procedural issues, as well as reduce stress by shifting the responsible task to other shoulders.

How to quickly adopt a child in Ukraine?

Our firm renders the services under the most different inquiries and problems already more than 10 years, including adoption laws of Ukraine. During this time, we have acquired an invaluable stock of knowledge, as well as practical experience, which helps us daily in solving legal issues of our clients.

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  • Personal approach. We always study in detail the situation in which our Client is located, and on the basis of this information, we find a personal approach to solving the problem.
  • Availability. We are always in touch. Our Client-manager does not need to search or call.
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