Debt collection abroad in Ukraine

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Debt collection abroad in Ukraine
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What we offer

  • Study the Client’s situation in order to resolve a dispute on international debt collection in pre-trial or judicial proceedings;
  • Evaluate the prospects of debt collection from a foreign company or individual from abroad;
  • Offer options for pre-trial dispute settlement regarding the collection of debt from a foreign counterparty or individual;
  • Develop a strategy for dispute resolution and debt collection from a foreign company;
  • Help with further legalization of documents (decisions) of foreign jurisdictions;
  • Provide assistance in further execution of the court decision of foreign courts on international debt collection;
  • Form the most advantageous position of the Client;
  • Represent the Client’s interests before a foreign counterparty.


Documents required

List of documents
Description of the situation
Description of the situation
Information on the debtor
Information on the debtor
Supporting documents (agreements, court decisions, etc.)
Supporting documents (agreements, court decisions, etc.)
As practice shows, there is no all-embracing list of documents for debt collection in the pre-trial procedure. Some documents may be lost at all, and some may be only in electronic form. We are ready to start solving completely different situations.

The price of legal services for international debt collection

There is no fixed service price for debt collection in foreign jurisdictions. As a rule, the amount of services to settle such issues depends on a number of factors. They include:

  1. 1Location of the debtor (country);
  2. Amount of debt;
  3. The “desire” of the debtor to communicate for the purposes of facilitating a dispute settlement;

In addition, it should be taken into account that the amount of debt may make it inappropriate for the Client to seek assistance from our lawyers. For example, if this amount is less in the
equivalent of: 

  • EUR 5K for legal entities;
  • EUR 3K for individuals.
Please note! If the amount of debt is less - our lawyers’ services will not be profitable for you.
Our lawyers have experience in collecting debts from foreign companies in completely different jurisdictions, such as China, France, Russian Federation, Poland, etc.

In addition, we managed to resolve conflicts with debtors in very different and confusing situations. For example, when the subject of the agreement under dispute is in China, our Client is in France and the debtor is in the Russian Federation.

Why us

We have contacts for debt collection worldwide
We have contacts for debt collection worldwide
A wide range of contacts and long experience in this field allows us to guarantee results practically in any place of the world and in any disputable situation.
We’re focused on the Client’s ultimate goal
We’re focused on the Client’s ultimate goal
We will not offer you any obvious solutions to your situation. We always focus on the final goal, rather than on a series of inconclusive actions

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:
Our major line is debt collection in foreign jurisdictions for legal entities. However, we can also assist individuals in resolving their dispute situations with respect to debt recovery.

Answers to frequently asked questions

How can you help with debt collection if the counterparty or individual is in another country?

The fact is that we have a sufficient number of colleagues who can help us to meet the needs of our Clients, regardless of the debtor country.

What happens after the dispute has been settled?

Following the dispute resolution, you either receive money from your debtor, or get a decision, which in the future shall be legalized in Ukraine.

International Debt Collection Lawyers: What Can You Count On?

There are situations when the dispute has been already won and it is necessary to legalize the decisions of foreign courts. We can also help with this, but we have to take into account that each specific country has its own different procedures.

An important point is that we provide assistance in recovering international debt not only to legal entities, but also to individuals. 

Our lawyers are ready to support you at all stages of debt collection:

  • pre-trial debt collection from abroad - through properly constructed negotiations with the debtor;
  • judicial debt collection from a foreigner - we will support you both in the process of writing a claim, and in the international judicial process;
  • enforcement (post-trial) process of international debt collection - we will make sure that the court decision is executed in accordance with the law.

Do you need help with international debt collection? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

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