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Legal consultation

Legal support of surrogate motherhood

Legal support of surrogate motherhood

What we do

  • advise on surrogate motherhood issues;
  • help with the search of health care facilities;
  • obtain required certificates;
  • conclude surrogate agreement;
  • support the Client throughout the process;
  • help to register a baby after his birth;
  • help to get compensation in case of violation of the surrogate agreement.


Legal advice
from 1,500.00 UAH
Conclusion of surrogate agreement
from 8,000.00 UAH
Legal support of surrogate motherhood process
from 15,000.00 UAH

To determine the cost of legal support services for surrogate motherhood, we need first to understand the Client’s needs:

  • Whether the Client needs legal assistance only in drafting the agreement or throughout the entire surrogacy process;
  • Whether the Client has certain requirements;
  • The scope of the assigned work, as well as the need to obtain additional documents;
  • Whether additional services are required.

Thus, for example, the registration of a child after birth shall be paid additionally in the amount of UAH 5,000 and more.

We provide services to both Ukrainian citizens and citizens of foreign countries.
You can contact the lawyers of our company in any way most convenient for you.
To save your time, we can work remotely so you don’t need to regularly visit our office.


  • plus


    We know how important for everyone to keep their family-related information secret, so we guarantee you complete confidentiality.
  • plus

    Extensive contract law expertise

    The lawyers of our company know both the theoretical and practical aspects of concluding agreements. The competent approach to drawing up the Surrogacy Agreement will help you to properly protect your rights in the surrogacy process.


Our lawyers will advise you!

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Documents required for concluding the Surrogacy Agreement

  • Copies of passports of genetic parents and a surrogate mother
  • The Marriage Registration Certificate of genetic parents and a surrogate mother (if married)
  • The Birth Certificate of the child (children) born by a surrogate mother

To conclude the Surrogacy Agreement, the Client shall provide the following  documents:

On the part of spouses:

  • An application;                       
  • Copies of the passports;
  • A copy of the Marriage Registration Certificate.

On the part of the surrogate mother:

  • An application;                         
  • A copy of the passport;
  • A copy of the Marriage Registration Certificate or Divorce Certificate;
  • A copy of the Birth Certificate of the child (children).

To register a newborn baby, you shall have the following documents:

  • Copies of the spouses’ passports;
  • A copy of the Marriage Registration Certificate;
  • A notarized written consent of a surrogate mother to record the names of the spouses as the child’s parents;
  • A medical certificate on genetic relationship of intended parents to the child.

Documents that we can obtain using the lawyer’s requests (for an extra fee):

  • A certificate of no criminal record for the surrogate mother;
  • A certificate from a narcologist;
  • Reference from the place of employment, place of residence;
Other documents, depending on the situation.


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Important to know

The agreement concluded by and between the spouses and the surrogate mother must be in writing and certified by a notary.

It is very important to specify the consequences of unforeseen circumstances in the agreement.

Failure to properly organize the surrogacy process from the legal point of view may result in many threats. It is better to use qualified legal assistance and support rather than making hasty decisions.


Can a surrogate mother ask more money than a prescribed amount?

No, you shall specify the amount of compensation in the agreement (additional fees shall be specified and paid separately).

Will the child learn in the future that he/she was conceived via the reproductive technology?

The whole process is confidential. The agreement also prescribes this issue.

Can a surrogate mother go on birth certificate as a mother?

No. The surrogate mother consents to record the married couple as the baby’s parents on the birth certificate.

Will a surrogate mother have any parental rights over a child in the future?

No. All interactions between the baby and the surrogate mother will end after delivery of a child.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Surrogacy is the advanced assisted reproductive technology that helps couples to get a child. The process involves the development of the agreement to be concluded with a particular woman, under which she agrees of her own accord to carry a baby through pregnancy on behalf of a couple and then return the baby to the genetic parents.

Legal relations under the agreement are governed by the Family Law. As a result, the married couple will be legally considered parents. The data of the surrogate mother will not be specified anywhere.

The Surrogacy Agreement is the main document, which specifies all the disputable and not disputable issues. It can be either for a fee or for free.

The Agreement may specify:
  • Conditions related to preparations for the process;
  • The process of using this reproductive technology;
  • Desired results; 
  • The responsibility of the parties; 
  • Payment details, etc.
You shall protect yourself in the surrogacy process at the very beginning, at the stage of drafting the Surrogacy Agreement. Remember that it is your personal tool to ensure a positive result.

If you want to protect yourself against deception or any other negative effects in the surrogacy process, don’t hesitate to call us