Protection of personal data in accordance

Cost of services

2500 UAH/hour
Protection of personal data
Protection of personal data in accordance
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What we offer

  • Develop Regulations (and other documents) on protection of personal data in accordance with current legislation;
  • Develop the consent and other forms for processing the personal data;
  • Analyze the Company’s processes for compliance with the legislation on protection of the personal data and other legal acts;
  • Bring the Company’s business processes in line with Ukrainian and international legislation (GDPR, CCPA) on protection of personal data;
  • Develop Data Protection Agreements to work with “sensitive” and other types of personal data;
  • Advise on issues related to protection of personal data;
  • Represent the Client’s interests at state authorities, courts, etc.
  • Provide assistance in protecting reputation and removing personalized  information about individuals


Documents required

List of documents
Available documents regulating the processing of personal data
Available documents regulating the processing of personal data
Description of the situation.
Description of the situation.
Brief information about the Client.
Brief information about the Client.

In most cases, to start the work on bringing the enterprise processes in line with international standards for processing personal and other data, we do not need “special” documents. It is enough to hold an introductory meeting with our lawyers and provide the following information:

  • The sphere and territories of the company’s activity;
  • The type of data that the company processes;
  • The number of employees and intended coverage

Of course, this list can change depending on the wishes and situation for each individual Client.

In most cases, it is very difficult to tell a “fixed price” of our services for such projects. 

However, very often, we can tell an approximate number of “hours” needed to complete each project, which allows us to determine the price of our services.

In addition, we can offer several formats of cooperation:

  1. The fixed price of a lawyer’s hour of work. We agree on the scope of work, tell the price of the hour and get to work. The Client receives a system (by agreement) report from a personal manager with a detailed description of the time used.
  2. Fixed cost of the project/document. We agree on the scope of work and period of achieving the final goal of the Client. After that we announce the cost of works and start the execution.
  3. Legal service packages. After analyzing the Client’s case, we assess the amount of work and offer a certain “package of hours” of work of our company’s lawyers. For example, you can buy 10, 17 and 25 hours of work of our company. 
As a rule, the fixed price of the document/project is lower than the price of “legal service package”. In this case we perform standard work, which does not require additional resources. However, many non-standard tasks of our Clients can be absolutely “template” for us.

Why us

Online project work
Online project work
Our company’s lawyers perform any work in cloud storage using modern “task” and “time managers”. To control the work of the lawyer you do not even need to contact a personal manager, because you can monitor the volume of work performed 24/7 thanks to the openness of all processes of the order execution.
Fixed price of works
Fixed price of works
Most of the non-standard legal work is very difficult to evaluate with a “fixed price”. However, the expertise of our lawyers allows us to determine the price so that in the course of the work price does not change, and remain exactly the same as before the start of work.
Many years of experience in very different areas
Many years of experience in very different areas
Our company is involved in a wide variety of areas, which means that we are also competent in related matters, if they arise. Our lawyers are not afraid of complex technical and software definitions.

We are ready to help you!

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Development of provisions, instructions, algorithms and  other documents regulating the activity in the field of personal data protection

The personal data of employees and other persons shall be processed in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Do you help with the protection of personal data of an individual?

Yes, Pravova Dopomoga Law Company provides services also to individuals related to the protection of their personal data. For example, one of the recent situations: the Client’s personal data was placed without his consent on a popular website in the Internet. Our lawyers have been dealing with the issue of removing such information from the website.

What is the import of personal data protection at the company?

Every individual entrepreneur or legal entity that enters into a relationship with employees, contractors, partners, Clients and other individuals is required to comply with legal requirements when using their personal data. We assist in developing an algorithm for processing such data and the necessary documents.

What do you need to know about personal data protection? Interesting information

 - 28 January is the official Personal Data Protection Day (also known as Privacy Day). The Convention for the Protection of Individuals with regard to Automatic Processing of Personal Data, known as Convention 108, was opened for signature on this day in 2006.

- The British Airways received record-breaking GDPR fine in September 2018 in the amount of GBP 183 million (about 204,110,000 EUR) for data breach affecting around 380,000 customers of the airline. The fine amounts to 1.5 percent of the global annual revenue of British Airways in 2017

Please note that the violation of the legislation in the field of personal data processing is subject to civil, administrative, financial and criminal liability, including under the international legal acts.

If you want to solve any issue related to the protection of personal data easily and efficiently, don’t hesitate to call us!

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