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Protection of personal data in accordance with Ukrainian legislation

Development of provisions, instructions, algorithms and other documents regulating the activities in the area of personal data processing allows not only to prevent violations of existing legislation requirements but also to distribute the liability for the failure to comply proportionally.

Processing of personal data (any data or combination of data that identifies an individual or allows it to do so) must be conducted in accordance with the existing legislation.

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What we do
  • Development of Provision or similar document on the protection of personal data for each holder of personal data bases;
  • Development of consent and notification forms (supplementary agreement to an employment contract) - for staff’s database processing;
  • Consent and notification forms for relatives of employees;
  • Drafting of a separate section of a contract with a contractor on protection of personal data of his employees;
  • Development of additional agreement with individual contractors as well as with sole proprietors;
  • Registration of personal data bases in the State Service of Ukraine on personal data protection;
  • Advice on protection of personal data;
  • Legal representation in the field of personal data protection in courts, State Service of Ukraine on personal data protection and others.

Additional information about the service

Regulatory requirements for the protection of personal data are defined in the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection." Liability for violations in the field of personal data protection is established in articles 188-39, 188-40 of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences, article 182 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine.

Legal requirements are defined in a very specific way so that the realization of all requirements of legislation is quite challenging and requires legal support of development mechanisms of personal data collection and processing.

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