Legal business support of veterinary clinics

Cost of services

5,000 USD/month
StartUp Package
12,000 USD/month
Small To Medium Sized Business Package
25,000 USD/month
Personal Lawyer Package
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What we offer

  • Obtain a Veterinary Medicine License (if necessary);
  • Provide assistance in opening new business locations;
  • Provide legal support for a long-term lease agreement conclusion;
  • Develop personnel documentation (employment orders, orders of dismissal, transfer orders, employment agreements, job descriptions);
  • Provide legal support when signing agreements with the Clients and veterinary medicines suppliers;
  • Provide advice and answers to legal questions related to veterinary business;
  • Provide legal support and assistance in passing inspections;
  • Protect the interests of the veterinary institution and/or a specific employee at court


Documents required for legal business support of a veterinary establishment

List of documents
A scan copy of an extract from the Unified State Register
Information on the number of employees
Information on the establishment’s business

At the very beginning of the work, it is necessary to decide on the format of cooperation and the planned amount of work. Therefore, we need to know as much information about the Client as possible, in particular:

  • the specifics of the establishment’s activity: veterinary care for small pets, cattle, etc.;
  • information about the veterinary medicines supplier;
  • information about a partner waste management company (if any).

Our cooperation with the Clients often starts after the receipt of the advance payment in the amount of the monthly service price according to the tariff chosen by them.

The Clients can use this advance payment whenever they want. When the money runs out, we provide the Clients with the report and they assess the expediency of the result and decide whether it corresponds to the amount paid. If both parties are satisfied, we will discuss further terms and conditions of our cooperation.

The StartUp package includes 4 hours of the lawyer’s work, the Small To Medium Sized Business package - 10 hours of the lawyer’s work, and the Personal Lawyer package - 25 hours of the lawyer’s work.

In case of a long-term cooperation or large volume of work, we may offer a 20% off discount.

Why us

Our company has been providing legal support of veterinary practice for many years
We have been working in the legal market since 2006, and legal business support of veterinary clinics is one of the first practices of our company.
All you need to do is to perform veterinary activities, and we ensure legal support of your business.
You can get a full complex of legal services - from the registration of the company/ individual entrepreneurship and obtaining a Veterinary Medicine License to the protection of your interests at court, legal support when concluding agreements and passing inspections, as well as termination of business, if necessary.

We are ready to help you!

Contact us by mail [email protected] or by filling out the form:
Legal support of the veterinary business involves a number of benefits for the Client, because any business from time to time experiences the need to get the non-standard work done, wich the in-house lawyer is very rarely faced with (development of a non-standard agreement, obtainment of a license, court proceedings).

Answers to frequently asked questions

If the monthly fee was paid and the money was not used, can leftover money be returned or carried over to the next month?

As a rule, if during the current month the Client had no legal issues at all, the service fee is carried over to the next month. The money can be returned only in case of termination of our cooperation. But cases of termination of cooperation are very rare. The cooperation can be terminated, for example, when the Client decides to terminate its business.

If the legal service agreement for the business support of a veterinary establishment provided for one package of services, how to change it, if necessary?

If the package (tariff) chosen by the Client no longer meets his/her needs, we conclude an additional agreement, or we can terminate one agreement and conclude another at the Client’s request. In this case the Client shall not compensate over the early termination of the agreement. We offer a convenient and flexible system of cooperation.

What is the legal business support of veterinary establishments?

The legal business support of a veterinary establishment often starts after the Client obtains a Veterinary Medicine License. We help our Clients to choose the premises, personnel, advise on legal aspects of veterinary business.

When providing the legal support services to veterinary institutions, we pay special attention to:

  • making of an adequate understanding of the legal risks associated with veterinary practice;
  • confidentiality of any data received from the Client in the course of our cooperation (the Client’s data is protected by technical means and procedures within the company).

If you want to get legal business support of the veterinary institutions, just give us a call!

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