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Nuptial Agreements are becoming more and more popular in Ukraine. Many people are still uptight about this procedure, but it is completely for nothing. A Prenuptial Agreement is the result of joint work of the future spouses over their relations, which leads to mutual understanding, trust and help to avoid any conflicts regarding the property in the future.

We will help you to draw up a Nuptial Agreement so that it takes into account the interests of both spouses, as well as will explain to you each provision. Our main goal is to make solutions of any your legal problems simple.

Please contact our specialist to know the cost/price of the Nuptial Agreement (contract) execution in Ukraine.

Who draws up a Nuptial Agreement and what are its binding terms and conditions?

A Nuptial Agreement can be concluded both by people who are already married and by those who are about to get married.

Almost any Nuptial Agreement concluded on the territory of Ukraine must be in compliance with the Family Law of Ukraine. If you are going to sign a Nuptial Agreement, where the second party is a foreigner, please contact our specialists for additional legal advice.

It’s worth remembering that the Nuptial Agreement can regulate only property rights, and in no case - personal rights. You can also prescribe therein property rights and obligations of spouses as parents.

What can be specified in the Nuptial Agreement

A Nuptial Agreement may specify any virtually reasonable rights and obligations of the parties, if they relate to property rights. For example, the obligation to support incapacitated parents or children from another marriage and to help them financially. Or you can describe in advance how to use a particular movable or immovable property.

For example, in Ukraine Nuptial Agreements often contain a clause on payment of a fixed amount of compensation to the spouse initiating the divorce.

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