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Registering a marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine can be a crucial and time-sensitive procedure for a couple wishing to formally legalize their union on Ukrainian territory.

Our company will assist you in finding a swift solution for the urgent marriage registration process using services available in numerous cities throughout Ukraine, including Kyiv. The fundamental idea is that this procedure allows for the marriage to be solemnized in the shortest possible time, even offering the option of same-day registration, regardless of the prospective spouses' place of residence.

Certain conditions must be met for a marriage to be registered within a day – the foreigner must possess a valid permanent or temporary residence permit in Ukraine. If such documentation is not available, it will be necessary to await verification from the State Migration Service. This process can take from several days to up to 2 weeks and is often influenced by the foreigner's country of origin (typically, individuals from countries associated with high-risk migration might undergo longer review periods).

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Documents for Registering a Marriage Within a Day in Ukraine

To proceed with a marriage, a foreigner must present their passport along with a properly executed translation into Ukrainian. If the individual was previously married, a document confirming the termination of the prior marriage or acknowledging its nullity is required. Additionally, it is obligatory to provide documentation that verifies the legality of their presence within Ukraine's territory. This could encompass a visa, a photocopy of the passport page featuring a visa endorsement, or a copy of the passport page displaying an entry/exit stamp. In the latter scenario, the length of stay should not surpass 90 days as of the marriage registration date.

Please note! All documents issued by competent authorities of foreign nations (documents pertaining to marriage dissolution) must either be apostilled or receive consular authentication within the country of issuance. This aspect should be considered prior to submitting the documents.

Documents drafted in a foreign language are to be submitted along with translations into Ukrainian and notarized certification.

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Marriage registration in Ukraine for foreigners can have several significant implications, the main ones include:

  1. Legal Validity. After registering your marriage in Ukraine, your marital union will be legally recognized. This means that you will possess all the rights and obligations associated with marriage as per Ukrainian law.
  2. Migration Consequences. The act of registering your marriage in Ukraine can impact your migration status. Depending on your existing status within Ukraine and the laws governing your migration, this registration might grant you the eligibility to apply for immigration permits, and eventually, Ukrainian citizenship or other privileges. For instance, marriage can serve as a basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit.
  3. Inheritance and Property Rights. By formalizing your marriage in Ukraine, your rights to your spouse's property and inheritance may be governed by Ukrainian legal statutes. For instance, in the event of one spouse's demise, Ukrainian laws might stipulate the surviving spouse's entitlement to inheritance. Of course, exceptions might arise if stipulated otherwise in a will or a prenuptial agreement.
  4. Recognition in Other Countries. The registration of your marriage in Ukraine enables you to pursue recognition of your marital status in foreign countries. While the recognition process can differ based on each country's regulations, the act of registering your marriage in Ukraine typically lays a foundation for marriage acknowledgment in numerous other countries.

In our company's practical experience, we frequently encounter cases where brides invest a significant amount of time navigating through bureaucratic procedures and seek assistance in arranging their marriage at the eleventh hour.

Amidst times of war, this circumstance has become even more pertinent. To illustrate, a Ukrainian citizen was in a civil partnership with an Ecuadorian citizen for over two years. However, the question of legal recognition in Ukraine for the foreign partner arose when they realized that the civil partnership, which was the basis for their residency permit obtained for educational reasons, would not suffice for extending their stay post-expiration. Adding to the complexity, the groom was prohibited from traveling abroad due to the ongoing state of emergency.

Our legal team promptly facilitated the required translations and meticulously prepared other necessary documents for submission to initiate the marriage registration process in Ukraine. Following the official registration of the marriage, the subsequent focus was on extending a residence permit.

A similar predicament unfolded with a Lithuanian citizen who approached us with an urgent request. The prospect of permanent residency in Ukraine surfaced upon receiving news of a growing family. Although the Client's residence permit, acquired through volunteer work, was set to expire within two months, she was determined to remain in Ukraine. The urgency of her situation left a narrow window for devising a solution.

We were acutely aware of the urgency of the situation and immediately took action. Thanks to the swift preparation of all necessary documents and the expedited marriage registration process, we were able to apply for a new residency permit within a week. In this way, we granted the client the opportunity for lawful presence in Ukraine and successfully avoided any problems associated with her future residency status.

Please note! Marriage to a Ukrainian citizen serves as a legitimate basis for obtaining a temporary residence permit. If the marriage involves two non-Ukrainian citizens, it can provide grounds for family reunification, applying for temporary residency, or seeking immigration permission to Ukraine, depending on the specific residency documents held by either spouse. Our specialists are adept at clarifying these nuances and providing comprehensive guidance.

The issue of fixed-term marriage usually arises unexpectedly. Lack of awareness of migration law can lead to unnecessary expenses and confusion in such situations.

This was the case with our client from Estonia, who was finishing her studies at a university in Kyiv and was living with a Ukrainian citizen in a common-law marriage.

When she realised that she would soon need legal assistance to formalise her marriage, she turned to us. We were ready to help, as we often received similar requests from students who, after their studies, intended to stay in Ukraine because the centre of their life interests had moved to our country during their studies. Of course, most often it is a question of prolongation of their licences, due to marriage relations.

Our lawyers studied the client's situation, analysed her documents, calculated the terms and understood that the marriage should be concluded immediately. The peculiarity of this situation was that educational institutions often apply for cancellation of training certificates earlier than the actual term of the certificate, which is indicated on the document. That is, for example, if the term of validity is indicated on the certificate until 31.01.2024, then, most likely, the diploma will be issued at the end of December 2023 and the documents for cancellation of the certificate will be sent in the first days of January 2024.

The deadline for submitting documents for exchange of the permit is not later than 15 working days before its expiry, plus you need to take into account the situation when the permit will be cancelled early due to the actual completion of studies. If you overstay, you will have to leave Ukraine, get a D visa and only then apply for a permit, which is additional time and money.

Our specialists prepared all the documents and organised the conclusion "Marriage in a day" and instead of leaving for visa D, our newlyweds went on a wedding trip to the Carpathian Mountains, of course, previously submitted documents for the exchange of temporary visa. All the preparation of documents and organisation of submission was provided by our specialists, the client was only required to be present in person to submit biometric data (photo, fingerprints and signature).

Our assistance encompasses several facets that are designed to effectively address your situation. Initially, we delve into a thorough analysis of your circumstances, dissecting all details and intricacies to gain a comprehensive understanding. Following that, we offer you potential avenues and viable options for a successful resolution.

Secondly, our goal is to identify optimal solutions and present specific actionable steps. Our recommendations stem from our experience and expertise in the relevant field. We are dedicated to finding practical and realistic solutions that take into account your unique needs and circumstances.

Furthermore, our team is committed to providing ongoing support throughout the entire process. We are ready to address your questions, clarify any aspects that might be unclear, and furnish you with the necessary information to make informed decisions.

It's important to emphasize that we recognize the distinctiveness of your situation and approach it with an individualized perspective. Our goal is to ensure that you feel supported and confident as you navigate every stage toward resolving your situation.

If you have any inquiries left, feel free to reach out to our specialists! Additionally, we invite you to consider utilizing our legal support service for registering a marriage with a foreigner in Ukraine.

Publication date: 24/07/2023

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