Preparation of replies to requests of controlling authorities and law enforcement agencies

Cost of services

from 1000 UAH
Fees for preparation of response to the request
Preparation of replies to requests of controlling authorities and law enforcement agencies
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What we offer

  • prepare a response to a request, taking into consideration the provisions of the relevant legislation and the situation of the Client;
  • analyze the request in terms of its compliance with the legislation;
  • provide a legal opinion regarding the Client's responsibility for refusal to provide the requested information;
  • advise on the capacity of a public authority to request certain documents, information etc.;
  • provide legal advice on the manner of communication with law enforcement officers (officials) during scheduled/unscheduled inspections at an enterprise.


In terms of their structure, queries may differ radically. Before starting work, our specialists conduct an initial analysis of the Client's situation.

The basic cost of preparing responses to requests of controlling law enforcement agencies is 1000 UAH. The price depends on the speed of response to an inquiry and the complexity of the case.

Why us

Our specialists can prepare an answer within a few hours if necessary. Usually, this situation can occur when the time limit within which the law enforcement agencies had to respond expired.
Ex-employees of the SBU and ADVOCATE practitioners are advisers to OUR COMPANY.
Ex-employees of the SBU and ADVOCATE practitioners are advisers to OUR COMPANY.
You get not just a response to a law enforcement inquiry, but a message that you are aware of the law, thus preventing negative situations that may occur in the future.

We are ready to help you!

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What do I need to know about the work of a lawyer in responding to requests from government agencies?

We provide legally sound, competent and correct answers to questions:

  • what to do if a company received a request from the tax police, traffic police or prosecutor's office, UNODC?
  • Is there an obligation to respond (answer) to the request of an investigator of the UNODC?
  • what will happen if an SSU request is left unanswered, i.e. ignored?
  • what is the procedure and time limit for providing information upon request of the controlling body?

An important point in this service is also the preventive legal advice of the Legal Aid Company, for example, how to organize labor protection at the enterprise to protect against controllers who implement the state policy in the field of labor protection, or how to properly design the use of intellectual property objects to avoid penalties, etc. you can find it on the CONSULTATIONS page.

In case the requested information will still need to be provided, our lawyers will advise you how to make sure that the originals of important documents for the activities of the company and trade secrets remain intact, as well as what needs to be done to ensure that the Client does not have further problems when the company on the doorstep of not the postman with a letter, and directly to the representative of the state supervision (control), which intends to conduct a planned or unscheduled inspection, search, seizure. 

We would like to draw your immediate attention to the fact that in Ukraine for citizens and business entities the principle "everything that is not prohibited by law is allowed", and for state authorities, local self-government bodies and their officials the opposite is true - "only what is directly defined by law is allowed" (Articles 1, 8, 19 of the Constitution of Ukraine).

If you need help in providing competent answers to the requests of controlling or law enforcement bodies - call us!

Answers to frequently asked questions

How fast must I react to a request?

Almost always, the time limit for responding to a request is specified in the request itself, but each law enforcement agency may have its own requirements. Our lawyers will help to understand this issue.

Is it possible not to answer the request?

Yes, it may, however, only be possible where a request has been made by a body or official who is not authorized to do so or where the request is drafted in an irregular manner.