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Legal consultation

Check of real estate

Check of real estate

What we do

  • we analyze real estate for the absence of risks and evaluate the degree of reliability of investment;
  • we study all documents additionally provided by the Client related to real estate;
  • we carry out verification (study) of real estate in all available registries and sources;
  • transfer the collected information along with the recommendations of our lawyers, regarding the property (if necessary, in writing);
  • We can provide legal support of further actions of the Client related to real estate.


Starting from 540 US dollars

The cost of checking real estate depends on the following factors:

How much work needs to be done?

  • This can be both a written and an oral legal conclusion.
  • This can be a check against all the registries and sources available to us, or monitoring exclusively the information the Client is most interested in.
  • This can be an analysis of real estate documents, as well as all other supporting documents for the whole property.
  • This can be either a one-time study of real estate, or continuous monitoring with monitoring of court decisions, inspections of regulatory authorities, etc.

What kind of real estate do you need studied?

  • It can be either an apartment or a house, or just a land plot or a land share.
  • This can be both private property and real estate, which is in municipal ownership.
  • This can be both property under arrest, and property on which there were no court or other cases at all.
  • It can be either real estate located in Kiev or real estate located anywhere in Ukraine.

Over the years of work in the legal market, we have developed a large number of partners in various fields and areas, and therefore a check can be simple, high-quality and safe. Regardless of any factors or situations the Client finds themselves in.

Over the years of work in the legal market, we have developed a large number of partners in various fields and areas, and therefore a check can be simple, high-quality and safe. Regardless of any factors or situations the Client finds themselves in.


  • plus

    Work with any real estate regardless of its location

    To achieve the goals of the Client, it does not matter to us where you are or what’s the situation with your property. We can perform work on the checking of real estate of any size and complexity. After all, we are always focused on the result and the satisfaction of your needs.
  • plus

    Developed legal practice of real estate and construction

    This is not the first year we have been engaged in legal services for real estate cases. Therefore, we are knowledgeable not only in checking the developers. We also specialize in permits in this area and the features of the functioning of the real estate business.
  • plus

    Work speed and efficiency

    Since this is not the first time we are dealing with a property check, we have already developed a fast and accurate work pattern.
  • plus

    Work package approach

    We can perform work not only on the check of the property, but also other related necessary legal actions (for example, analysis and development of lease agreements, purchase and sale of real estate, investment in real estate, etc.).


Our lawyers will advise you!

Ask a lawyer

Documents for obtaining a license

  • Property Information
  • Additional and (or) related documentation related to the property

In our practice, there are cases when the Client does not have all the documents available, which requires additional action on our part. In the vast majority of situations, we can get some of them thanks to our many years of experience and skills.


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Important to know

Very often there are situations when people who want to buy real estate do not think about who they are buying it from. Or they simply buy from a well-known developer.

However, even one and the same developer has various properties that can differ in their reliability and the quality of planning and construction.

Our lawyers will help you assess all the risks of real estate transactions in advance!


Is it possible to invest in an unfinished construction project?

Much depends on who the developer is. If this is not the first project the developer is commissioning, then they will most likely also commision your project as well. But this does not always happen. Therefore, the best option would be to play it safe and entrust the work to lawyers, in order to save money.

Will the house or the apartment be commissioned on time?

In order to give a positive answer to this question - you need: First, invest in trustworthy property. Secondly, monitor the construction process and regularly communicate with developers. In this case, it is possible to accurately count on the commissioning of the property on time.


Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner

Volodymyr Gurlov, Managing partner


Check the property in Ukraine with our specialists

Given the transience of our lives and the diverse vector of movement of government authorities, the best thing is to play it safe and choose reliable partners who could audit the property and
give it an appropriate assessment.

The Ukrainian real estate market is now considered one of the fastest growing in Europe. Therefore, we quite often deal with foreign investors who are interested in the reliability of real estate in Ukraine.

Many years of experience of our experts in the field of real estate transactions can guarantee you:

  • Reliability of performance. If we take up the task, it will be completed.
  • Security. The deep legal expertise of lawyers allows them to approach in a comprehensive manner the solution to any problem and find its optimal solution.
  • Efficiency. We work in various fields, which allows us to become your legal partner in any matters.