Directions for registration of a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Ukraine

An LLC is a legal person with authorized capital divided into shares whose sizes are determined by the constituent documents.

According  to  the  legislation  of Ukraine,  the  term  “state  registration  of legal entities” refers to the fact of establishment or termination of a legal entity, and, moreover, any other registration activities pursuant to the  legislation of Ukraine, by making the appropriate entries in the Unified State Register.

In order to establish an LLC, it is required:

1) to define the main types of activities of the LLC (scope and objectives);

2) to determine the location of a registered office and name of the LLC;

3) to draft articles of association or use the model articles of association,

adopted by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;

4) to hold a constituent assembly, which shall decide upon:

  • establishment of the LLC;
  • formation of authorized capital of the LLC;
  • adoption of the LLC’s articles of association or conducting the LLC’s activities on the basis of the model articles of association;

5) to sign and notarize the LLC’s articles of association; the model articles of association are not required to be notarized;

6) to pay the state fee for registration;

7) to submit documents for state registration.

In order  to  register an LLC with participation of a  foreign citizen,  it  is required to address the Department of State Registration of Legal Persons and Natural Persons  (Entrepreneurs).  In order  to  register an LLC,  the  following documents are required:

  • two copies of constituent documents (articles of association, constituent agreement) or  two copies of  the model articles of association  (in  the case electronic submission – one copy);
  • completed and signed state registration forms;
  •  minutes of constituent assembly on establishment of the LLC;
  • a copy of the company manager’s individual tax number certificate;
  • a  power  of  attorney  and  original  passport  of  a  representative,  if  the documents are submitted by an authorized person;
  • a notarized translation of a passport of the LLC founder (foreign person);
  • LLC founder’s individual tax number certificate;
  • a legalized document certifying registration of the foreign legal person in  the country of  its origin provided  that a  founder of  the LLC  is a foreign  legal  entity,  in particular  an  extract  from  commercial, bank, legal or other  similar  registry of  the country  legalized and  translated into Ukrainian;
  • an original receipt, certifying payment of the state fee for registration.

Post state registration of an LLC, the state registering clerk shall issue an abstract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Physical Persons (Entrepreneurs) to an applicant and execute and deliver records to the State Tax Inspection and Pension Fund authorities.

The next stage includes the manufacturing of a seal. For this purpose, it is necessary to address a company which specializes in manufacturing seals and stamps. The manufacturing of a seal can take as little as one day. In order for a seal to be manufactured, it is required to submit:

  • a written application;
  • a copy of the abstract from the Unified State Register;
  • a copy of power of attorney (if a seal is ordered by an authorized person);
  • a copy of the passport of a person submitting an application.

After  several  days  from  state  registration,  it  is  required  to  address  the State  Statistic  Authorities, Tax  Inspection  Authorities,  and  Pension  Fund’s Department in order to obtain the following documents:

  • Certificate  from  the  Unified  State  Register  of  Companies  and Organizations of Ukraine (USRCO);
  • Certificate  of  registration  with  the  State Tax  Inspection  authorities (Certificate form 4-OPP);
  • Certificate of registration of the Unified Social Payment’s payer.

Upon receipt of the aforementioned documents, it is necessary to make notary cards of the director’s signature. In order to open a current account in bank establishments of Ukraine, it is necessary to address the institution with all  available  documents  confirming  state  registration,  registration  with  the State Tax Inspection authorities and the Pension Fund, and the two-original notary cards of the director’s signature.

Depending  on  the  type  of  LLC,  as  well  as  other  peculiarities  and circumstances,  a  company  may  need  to  arrange  additional  permission documentation  (a  permit  to  commence  operation,  licenses  (patents)  to conduct certain kinds of activities etc).

Publication date: 10/01/2012

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