How can a citizen of Ukraine adopt a child?

You have decided on a serious and responsible step - adoption of a child. What’s next? Where to start and whom to contact?

We will slice and dice for you the entire adoption process in Ukraine in 2020. We will elaborate on the documents required for adoption of a child and the procedure of their submission.

You are at the cusp of making a decision that will change your whole life and we are ready to help you put your idea into practice in a simple and efficient manner.

What documents do a Ukrainian citizen need to adopt a child?

You will need the following list of documents for the registration on the list of candidates for becoming adopters:

  • An application;
  • A document certifying the identity;
  • A certificate from the placement of work on the salary or the declaration of income, if you are an individual entrepreneur;
  • A marriage certificate;
  • A certificate of no criminal conviction;
  • Written consent of the second spouse for the adoption of the child (in case of adopting a child by one of the spouses);
  • A document confirming the right of ownership (or use) of the apartment.

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What is the adoption procedure in Ukraine?

The adoption procedure consists of several stages:

1. Submission of documents to the Service of Children’s Affairs (hereinafter - the Service) at the applicant’s place of residence. 

The Service checks the submitted documents for errors and completeness. They also visit the applicant to check his/her living conditions. And then the commission makes its decision on the registration of the applicant on the list of candidates for becoming adopters. 

2. Registration on the list of candidates for becoming adopters. 

The Service registers you on the list of candidates for becoming adopters within 10 business days. They do this on their own and the candidates’ personal presence is not required.

3. Adoption interview. Familiarization with information about children that can be adopted.

At the interview, the representatives of the authority provide candidates with all information about children from the adoption list.

After reading the information about the children, the candidates make their choice in favour of one of them. Then the Service issues a letter of referral that allows candidates to meet the child they chose.

But! It is important to remember that apart from obtaining information about children, potential adopters will need to provide information about themselves in the same interview format. They need not just provide the information, but convince the authority that they are worthy to become adoptive parents. They can be asked, for example, about their adoptive motives and attitude towards children.

Preparing for an interview is an important step that we can also help you with: we will provide you with the list of potential questions and answers to these questions that will convince the Service of your reliability.

4. Familiarization with the child’s personal file.

Prior to meeting the child, the candidates should familiarize with the child’s medical card and personal profile. 

Representatives of the Service will tell you about the child’s life history, as well as about his/her siblings, if any.

5. Meeting the child.

A letter of referral is issued to meet one specific child, so you will not be allowed to communicate and meet other children. 

In case of failure to make contact with the child you have come to see, you can take a letter of referral to meet another child. But when you come to meet a child, you must pay attention only to that child.

It is important to remember that children from the children’s home understand everything. They prepare for the meeiting with their potential parents, worry and dream about finding a family. Therefore, when candidates come to the children’s home and communicate with other children, they cause psychological trauma to the child to whom they have come. 

This is why the Service’s policy is designed to protect every child from this stress.

6. Submitting a declaration of intent to adopt a child to the Service of Children's Affairs.

This authority issues the decision approving or refusing adoption. The decision generally depends on the child’s opinion and whether the applicants managed to make contact with the child. 

In case of a positive decision, the applicants have one month to submit an application to the court for the final court resolution, which will be the final stage in the long adoption procedure.

What do you need to know about the adoption procedure in Ukraine?

All documents issued by the Service of Children’s Affairs have their validity period. Therefore, if applicants do not meet the deadlines of each stage, for example, they delay the submission of documents to the court - it shall be automatically considered as the candidate’s refusal to adopt.

The adoption procedure in Ukraine lasts on average from 3 to 12 months.

During the court proceedings as regards adoption, the candidates are entitled to visit the child in the children’s home on certain days and schedule in order to harmonize relations with the child.

Services of a lawyer to support the adoption process in Ukraine

The adoption procedure in Ukraine is a complex and time-consuming multi-stage process. Without understanding the intricacies of the procedure, you can increase the entire period by months, or even years.

Our lawyers not only undertake the responsibility to correctly draw up the entire documentary part of the process, but also:

  • will help to correctly register candidates as adoptive parents and collect all the necessary documents for this.

  • will be able to facilitate the passage of an interview in the Children's Affairs Service, as well as prepare you for a competent conversation with representatives of the authority, since it is on it that the motives for adoption and attitudes towards children will be clarified;

  • will tell you what to look for when reviewing the case and the child's medical record. Since there will be no lawyer next to you when meeting a potential baby (this procedure implies a personal acquaintance), we will advise in what key to conduct a conversation to establish better contact.

One of the main problems of the process is that many candidates simply physically do not have time to deal with this procedure, to take into account all the deadlines for submitting documents and passing the stages. The result is the loss of the limitation period of some securities. We will make sure that your documents at all stages of the process do not lose legal force and are submitted on time.

Important! Our lawyer will ensure the correct placement of the child into the family after a positive decision (register, receive identity documents and much more).

If you want all your efforts to be successful and your family to become more extended, don’t hesitate to call us. We’ll take care that the adoption process is as simple and smooth as possible.

Publication date: 26/12/2019

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