How can a doctor with a foreign diploma find a job in a private clinic in Ukraine?

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We have already written in detail about how a Ukrainian health care facility can hire a foreign doctor. You can read the requirements to the doctor and the step-by-step guide here.

Today, we will talk about foreign doctors who were educated in another country and need to coordinate their qualifications in accordance with the requirements of Ukraine. That is, what to do if a foreign doctor received a medical education and specialization abroad.

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What is the approval for a physician with a foreign degree?

In other words, it means obtaining the right to practice medicine in Ukraine for persons who have undergone medical training in educational institutions of foreign countries.

In order to obtain the right to practice medicine, a foreign specialist must pass the following main stages:

  1. Nostrification of a foreign educational document.
  2. Legalization of foreign doctor’s specialization.
  3. Obtaining a positive decision on granting a person the right to professional activity in Ukraine and medical training in educational institutions of foreign countries.

For nostrification, a foreign doctor must submit the following package of documents to the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

  • An application of a foreign doctor for recognition in Ukraine of a degree of higher education obtained in a foreign university;
  • An application for consent to process his/her personal data;
  • The educational document and supplement to the educational document (certified copies, official translations).

When submitting documents, it is important to have original documents with you, as you may need to show them. It is also recommended to take care of a certified copy and official translation into Ukrainian of the documents on previous (secondary, professional or higher) education, if any – such documents may also be requested.

Legalization of a foreign doctor’s specialization – a requirement for a foreign doctor to undergo an internship, training or separate courses in the relevant specialization. The Ministry of Health of Ukraine decides on the type of legalization that a foreign doctor must undergo.

To obtain a decision, the following package of documents must be submitted to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine:

  • An application for granting the right to professional activity in Ukraine;
  • Certificates of the Ministry of Education of Ukraine on recognition of the foreign educational document (result of the previous stage);
  • A document of education (usually a diploma of successful completion of higher education and a supplement to this diploma);
  • A doctor’s specialty certificate;
  • A qualifications document (if a foreign physician has a category);
  • A document confirming length of service in the specialty (this is usually analogous to an employment book, can also be a certificate from an employer or tax authority, etc.);
  • A document confirming the applicant’s identity (passport of a citizen, passport for traveling abroad).

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Requirements for the documents needed to obtain a positive decision from the Ministry of Health

The application for granting the right to professional activity in Ukraine is prepared by a foreign doctor in person (a sample application can be obtained from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine). Instead of the application, the medical institution may submit an application for granting a foreign doctor the right to professional activity in Ukraine.

As practice we recommend getting the foreign doctor’s consent to process and share his/her personal data since by filing the application the healthcare facility becomes the data controller of the foreign doctor’s personal data.

We also suggest that the application specify as detailed as possible the ways of communication with the healthcare facility and the foreign doctor. Since very often the Ministry of Health of Ukraine will request clarifications or ask to reissue the package.

Please note! All submitted documents must be duplicated in Ukrainian and the translation must be official.

The general term of consideration of documents is 1 calendar month. However, during martial law this period may be longer.

Please note that the attorney can go through all stages of obtaining the right to practice medicine for a foreign doctor by proxy.

Our specialists will:

  • Assist in preparing documents of the health care facility and the foreign doctor for registration;
  • Obtain a Work Permit for a foreign doctor in Ukraine;
  • Assist in nostrification of the doctor’s diploma in Ukraine;
  • Assist in legalization of the foreign doctor’s specialty;
  • Obtain a positive decision from the Ministry of Health for a foreign doctor;
  • Assist with employment of the doctor officially;
  • Assist in amending the Medical License and/or submitting a notification to the Ministry of Health.

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Publication date: 13/06/2022

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