How to protect the medical center from patient complaints during the war?

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The war in the country brings its challenges and trials, we learn to live in the realities of missile attacks, without light and heat, to work during air raids. Many innovations are aimed at preserving the life and health of citizens, but they are extremely harmful during the work process.
All businesses, including medical facilities, must suspend their business activities during the air raid, and ask all visitors to proceed to shelters. This is especially difficult during medical procedures such as surgery, MRI, ultrasound, tomography, dental treatment, etc. What to do in this case? Does the medical institution endanger its patients and employees, and will the leadership of the MC be held responsible for this later?

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Publication date: 15/02/2023
  • Consultation on the actions of the medical center staff and the preparation of the necessary package of documents, including how to act in the event of an air alert
  • Document analysis of existing medical center documents and formation of a list of documents that need to be developed for medical center security
  • Formation of a package of documents "Wartime", adapted to the specifics of a specific medical center
  • Development or editing:
  • Collective agreement
  • Rules of internal labor regulations
  • Rules for the stay of patients in the medical center
  • Rights and obligations of patients
  • Informed voluntary consent of the patient to receive medical care during an air alert
  • Notice on the processing of personal data
  • Agreement on the provision of medical services
  • Documents that will protect against claims of neighbors about the noise of the generator
  • Training consultation for staff on actions based on created documents (up to 2 hours)

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