Medical practice license for yoga and chi kung schools

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License for medical practice in Ukraine
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Nowadays methods on improving and strengthening of a human body are popular, in particular Indian yoga and Chinese Gymnastics Qigong. Numerous instructors convince potential clients on huge possibilities of these practices and their safety for health. Unfortunately, most people don’t know about legislation in this sphere. So a lot of law requirements become surprising for specialists of this sphere. Clients and students of these schools also don’t know enough information about firms which provide services.

The legislation regulates that entrepreneurs must be registered if they conduct this activity. In other cases it is possible to work through signing a labor contract with a company.

We will examine Indian yoga and Chinese Gymnastics Qigong according to the Law of Ukraine “On licensing some types of business activity”. The main problem is that Indian yoga and Chinese Gymnastics Qigong are not medical methods or sports directions according to the laws of Ukraine. The previous edition of law regulated that physical fitness and wellness was licensed. At the moment this type of activity isn’t licensed and schools of Indian yoga and Chinese Gymnastics Qigong can function without a license.

However, it is not so simple according to the laws. If classes of Indian yoga and Chinese Gymnastics Qigong have a medical target then it is medical services. In the most cases these methods have a target to solve health problems. So you must get a license for medical practice. Except it, a lot of schools tell that they provide services on Indian yoga and Chinese Gymnastics Qigong for improving and strengthening of a human body. It means that they also must provide a license. If they have this then there shouldn’t be any questions. At the same time, you should remember that specialists must have medical education and qualification.

So activity of schools of Indian yoga and Chinese Gymnastics Qigong don’t have to be licensed if they provide services only for physical fitness and wellness. Organization of these schools needs to be licensed. That’s why terms “a medical procedure” or “a medical yoga” should be used carefully.

You need also keep in mind that conducting business activity without a license is a violation of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences (the Article 164).

Publication date: 10/09/2014

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