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Massage rooms still become popular recently. They are opened in healthcare institutions, beauty salons, saunas, schools etc. Most of massage cabinets’ owners suppose that it’s enough to get a document about courses on qualification, to find a premise and to buy required equipment. However, the legislation of Ukraine has requirements for massage cabinets and their workers. A legal practice shows that there are two the most popular question whether entrepreneurs have to register his business and whether it is an obligation to get a license for a massage cabinet.

We will examine each of these questions according to the laws. If an individual plans to provide massage services, he or she must register as a sole trader or establish a company. The law of Ukraine no. 755-IV regulates the procedure of registration of entrepreneurs ( When you had already register, you can start to do your business and hire workers to a massage cabinet.

However, some individuals don’t want to register as a sole trader or establish their own company. There is a question whether they can work as masseurs legally. If an individual will be hired in an organization which provides services in this sphere or sign a labor agreement (with a firm or a sole trader) then the state registration is not required.

As follows, you must follow rules on registration if you want to start your own business.

Licensing of massage services is a specific legal matter. The legislation says that medical procedures, including massage, must be provided by entrepreneurs who got licenses in the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. Except it, specialists must have a special education. As follows, a medical massage cabinet can’t exist without the license and the specialist with a medical education. It means that if a name of cabinet or a list of services have a word “medical” then there must be the license. At the same time it is necessary for the specialist to have a medical education. Sometimes owners of massage cabinets name medical massage in other words. Practice shows that this activity becomes known to law enforcement agency and to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine very fast. This is a violation of the Code of Ukraine on Administrative Offences (the Article 164).

You must be sure that your services are not related to a medical massage. Only then you can avoid possible problems and you will know whether you must get the license. Especially, it concerns exotic and non-traditional types of massage.  

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Publication date: 04/09/2014

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