Leaving the Country During Wartime: What Women Can Expect and Conditions for Children's Departure

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During a state of war, the option to emigrate abroad for permanent residency remains pertinent, particularly sought after by men as it offers a genuine opportunity to relocate to another country. However, there are often numerous challenges when deregistering from military service. Yet, presently, women and children can leave the country without encountering such obstacles. Thus, at first glance, arranging documents for emigration abroad for women with children may seem unnecessary as it is not mandatory according to legislation. Nevertheless, this process should be viewed as a form of future insurance, providing an additional level of family protection in case of a deteriorating situation in the country.

It is important to understand that there may be certain complexities in the procedure for leaving Ukraine. To avoid such unpleasant situations, which may disrupt your plans at a crucial moment, it is necessary not only to comply with all requirements regarding the documentation process but also to anticipate possible reasons for denial of departure permission by the migration service. Therefore, when approaching the procedure of leaving Ukraine for permanent residency abroad, it is essential to consider all legal norms regulating the process of emigration in wartime conditions and to thoroughly analyze all documents. Professional legal assistance is indispensable in this matter.

  • What specific situations may warrant a ban on women leaving Ukraine?
  • What requirements are imposed for a child's departure abroad?
  • How can existing debts affect plans to emigrate, and what steps should be taken in such cases?

These crucial questions will be addressed in the article. If you are interested not only in information but also in legal assistance in arranging documents for emigration abroad, please contact us! Our team is always ready to assist with migration issues. We provide services tailored to the individual needs of each client, ensuring high-quality service. After all, our goal is to make the entire process understandable and easy for you.

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What is the procedure for women to emigrate abroad for permanent residency?

It is important to note that recent changes in legislation mandate women with certain specialties, particularly those in the medical or pharmaceutical fields, to enlist in military service. Currently, this does not affect the possibility of leaving the country. However, it should be borne in mind that in the future, this situation - leaving Ukraine during wartime for women - may change, so it is important to be prepared for this. As of now, the service of emigrating abroad for permanent residency is available, so if you have such a need, you can use this migration service.

Why register for consular registration and what risks should women consider regarding the possibility of leaving the country?

After arranging emigration abroad for permanent residency, it is important to register for consular registration in the new country of residence. Why? This allows you to avail yourself of all consular services, freely enter or leave Ukraine when necessary. Our lawyers recommend considering this in advance and are ready to assist with registration at the consulate.

What about the risks - is it possible that leaving Ukraine during wartime for women and other specialties will be prohibited? Yes, of course, such a situation may affect Ukrainian women. A significant risk for women is the possibility of being enlisted in military service within 2-3 years under an expanded category of women's specialties. Consequently, this will lead to the impossibility of their departure abroad.

One of the key advantages of arranging emigration abroad for permanent residency for women is that since most of them are not on military records, after obtaining permission from the migration service, they are not subject to the obligation to deregister from military service. This significantly simplifies the process of preparing all necessary documents and reduces the time for resolving formalities. And, in turn, such an approach allows for more efficient and rapid emigration for permanent residency abroad during wartime.

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Departure from Ukraine during a state of war with children: what conditions apply

Regarding children under 16, one of the parents submits the required documents to the State Migration Service (SMS) and leaves Ukraine with the child. If the child is already 16 years old, they must personally apply to the migration service. If one of the child's parents remains in Ukraine, their consent is necessary for obtaining permission for the child to emigrate abroad for permanent residency.

But what about children aged 14 to 16? In such cases, the document package should include a notarized consent from the child for emigration abroad for permanent residency.

It's worth noting that over the past year, requests for assistance in arranging emigration abroad for permanent residency for women with children have significantly increased in our legal firm and in the migration service in general. Understandably, most of these women are mothers of boys. However, despite this surge, we are always prepared to assist each woman and streamline the process of emigrating abroad during wartime, ensuring minimal time involvement for our clients.

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Legal Assistance for Individuals Wishing to Emigrate from Ukraine for Permanent Residence Abroad During Wartime

Legal assistance for individuals intending to emigrate from Ukraine for permanent residency abroad is of utmost importance. Our first step in this process is to review our clients' documents and identify potential grounds that may lead to refusal in obtaining such permission. For instance, a recent client approached us seeking legal aid to emigrate to the UK with her son. During our initial consultation, we discovered undisclosed debts our client was unaware of. This could potentially serve as grounds for refusal and delay the entire process of obtaining permission from the migration service.

Nevertheless, our team was well-equipped to handle this situation. We promptly assisted the client by leveraging our knowledge and resources, successfully overcoming all obstacles. Consequently, all necessary documents were submitted in full, enabling her to obtain the anticipated permission. Our legal team provided comprehensive assistance throughout the procedure, including:

  • Obtaining a certificate of no tax debt, required for presentation at customs during departure.
  • Documenting deregistration of the registered place of residence, necessary for the migration service to stamp exit records in passports.

If you seek assurance regarding your ability to emigrate abroad at the opportune moment, do not hesitate to contact us now! Our legal experts will:

  • Guide you through every stage of this intricate process, both in Ukraine and post-emigration.
  • Clarify the concept of consular registration and its necessity.
  • Scrutinize your documents, pinpoint potential impediments to emigration, and offer solutions if any arise.
  • Provide drafts of all required documents and maintain open communication channels to furnish any necessary information promptly.

With us, the emigration process for permanent residency will be conducted with the utmost safety and, most importantly, legality. Let our expertise and experience serve as your assurance of dependable and top-quality support during this pivotal life transition.

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Publication date: 07/02/2024

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