To stay in Ukraine on the basis of marriage: is it possible to check your soulmate in advance?

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Thousands of foreigners come to Ukraine every month and many of them wish to stay here for a long time. Consequently, with this aim in view, they need reasons for a long-term stay. One of such grounds is a residence permit (temporary / permanent) or citizenship, which our lawyers can help obtain.

However, the discussion in this article will focus on more intimate things. It is intended for those who plan to settle in Ukraine with their soulmate, living in Ukraine. Indeed, one of the most common reasons for obtaining migration documents is marriage with a Ukrainian man/woman.

Today we’ll talk about whether you can get more information about your future half in advance.

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When may you need it?

Since the whole situation is closely connected with such an area of ??life as family relations, things can take a number of different turns. As our experience with non-residents shows, sometimes force majeure happens. For example, when a foreign citizen is already ready to enter Ukraine, but it turns out that his future soulmate is pretending to be a different person than she really is.

It is clear that such situations do not lead to anything good. Therefore, you want to avoid them in advance, which can be done with the help of good and reliable specialists. After all, they can help to study the data of the future partner, observing the maximum anonymity and security for you.

Particular attention should be focused on this material by the people who could not find a husband / wife in Ukraine, but who are inclined to get a Ukrainian citizenship through marriage, and, unfortunately, are trying to enter into fictitious marriages. This process has a huge number of pitfalls: often people in fictitious marriages have nothing that binds them and the marriage can be terminated absolutely at any time, which in the future can lead to the inability to obtain migration documents.

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What are the possible options for vetting your  future half?

One of the possible options for vetting your partner is a polygraph test or as the people say “the lie detector”, but not everyone agrees to pass this test. In addition, it can ruin the relationship and show your distrust of your beloved (lover). In addition, besides such a drastic option for collecting information, there is also a milder one.

The state of Ukraine provides for a number of absolutely legal and workable mechanisms. For example, there are open registers where you can check the data of Ukrainian citizens. For example, the register of debtors. Yet, it is not always that the information obtained in this way directly indicates a person’s bad reputation. Therefore, it is better to play it safe and still find people who can analyze the information as a whole and give their conclusion.

If the two above-mentioned methods do not suit you, and you really want to get married - you can protect yourself in a different way. One way is to conclude a marriage contract, which can be signed immediately after submitting an application for marriage to the Civil Status

Registration Office. And although this method is not always an absolute protection in all respects, it will definitely protect the financial and property situation.

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Who to contact for help?

In reality, various kinds of detective agencies can deal with such things, but their activities are not always within the law.

Therefore, in order to guarantee the safety and legality of the whole procedure, it is better to turn to experienced lawyers who could conduct a background check, while staying within the framework of the law and not making any noise.

In most cases, a logical way to start this process is based on an analysis of the situation of the Client and revealing the completeness of the initial information. For this, as a rule, the following is carried out:

  • initial consultation and scoping;
  • analysis and collection of information from all open sources.

Upon the results of our work, our lawyers will provide you with a detailed report  containing information about your soulmate.

Publication date: 19/09/2019

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