Refusal of B1/B2 type visa to the United States for Ukrainian citizen: why can the entry be denied?

We have many times received requests from Ukrainian citizens who wanted to apply for a B1/B2 type visa to the United States, but their visa applications were denied again and again or they were afraid to get a refusal.

Since our company provides services associated with the support of obtaining an American visa, we decided to shed light on the main question:

  • Why can the American visa be refused?
Under the US law, visa applicants are required to have an interview with an Embassy officer.

The applicant provides all the necessary information, the diplomatic institution considers it and confirms or rejects the application in the manner prescribed by the American laws.

As of 2019, according to statistics, 60% of applicants are denied an American visa.

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Reasons for refusal of an American B1 / B2 type visa

  • First of all, you need to understand the fact that an embassy officer sees you as a potential migrant. Accordingly, your task is to prove the opposite, because the most common reason for refusal is the weak argumentation of your social and economic ties to Ukraine.
  • Unconfident behavior at the interview. Obtaining a B1 / B2 type visa directly depends on the light you will show yourself in and how much the data that you wrote down in the application will be in line with the answers to the consul's leading questions. Therefore, it is very important not to be nervous and not to worry, but to clearly answer the questions asked.
  • Negative visa history or its lack as such. For the embassy officer, it seems  suspicious if the applicant chooses a country located on the other side of the globe as his first travel destination abroad. The past entry denial stamps in your passport will also cause a negative response from the American representative. On the other hand, the officer will be positively impressed by the availability of information about trips to the less far-off countries of Europe or Asia.
  • Unrealistic travel plan. It will play in your favor if you confidently voice your thoughtful travel itinerary. (For example: to fly to New York to see the main attractions, and then go to see the Grand Canyon in Arizona). A clear suspicion will be caused if you do not know the places you are going to visit.
  • Lack of a family. If you are not officially married to anyone, but are in a relationship, it will be more appropriate to clarify that you are in a common-law marriage. This practice is quite widespread in the States and such unions are clearly regulated by the US law.
  • Lack of money or a sponsor. One of the most important aspects will be the proof of your solvency. If there are small amounts in the cash flow statements on your bank account, the best solution would be to indicate the person who intends to finance your trip. It can only be a relative, and not a third person.
  • Participation in the Green Card Lottery. It will also raise a red flag for an embassy officer, as it is rather difficult to find a more conspicuous fact, indicating a potential desire to emigrate.
  • Issue with the law. If earlier, while in the United States, you have committed any offenses, the refusal to grant you a visa will be virtually guaranteed.
  • After the refusal, respective conclusions were not drawn. If you have already been refused once, but after that a similar application has been re-submitted with the same set of supporting documents that could have served as the reason for the negative decision, do not expect to get a different answer.

In case of refusal to grant a B1 / B2 type visa, in most cases the applicant is notified according to what article of the immigration law they were denied a visa.

There is also a standard wording for the so-called formal reason for refusal.

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Applying for an American В1 / В2 type visa for Ukrainians with our lawyers

Unfortunately, even knowing the full list of possible reasons for refusal, it is extremely difficult to prepare yourself for an interview at the Embassy and the process of applying for a US visa.

Moreover, it is a risky thing. Indeed, one of the reasons for the refusal is the prior refusal and the mistakes you did not learn from the first time.

In this regard, a reasonable step would be to seek help from a qualified professional who can:

  • provide detailed advice on the process of obtaining an American visa;
  • prepare a full package of documents for applying for a visa to the USA;
  • help fill out an application for an American visa;
  • prepare for an interview with the consular office.

The cost of an American visa application with our company is $ 300 for a full package of services and $ 100 for each individual service if you need help at any particular stage of preparation.

If you want to know more about the process of obtaining an American visa for Ukrainian citizens in 2019 or to order a service, give us a call!

Publication date: 05/11/2019

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