Obtaining permits for enterprises whose activities are related to fuel

Following the fuel market reform in Ukraine, small and medium-sized enterprises start facing an acute problem of getting a number of permits required for further obtainment of fuel licenses.

Today, any fuel-related activities are subject to licensing pursuant to the law of Ukraine, which identifies five types of licenses. The procedure for obtaining each license has its own peculiarities, as well as a certain list of necessary documents.

In this publication, we will elaborate on the process of obtaining various permits, which you need to have if you are going to carry out any fuel-related activities.

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What kind of permits do you need for manufacturing, storage, retail and wholesale trade with a place?

To obtain licenses for production, storage, retail and wholesale trade with the place, the licensee shall submit a similar general list of documents, namely:

While the procedure for obtaining documents on a land plot is quite clear, the last two documents are not so easy to obtain, since the licensee is required to have:

  • Equipment datasheets and specifications; 
  • Information on the employees; 
  • Project documentation; 
  • Organizational structure of the enterprise and a number of other documents that are difficult to obtain.
You can contact our lawyers for legal advice or assistance in obtaining the documents listed above.

What are the distinctive features of the license to manufacture fuel?

In addition to the abovementioned list of documents, the licensee shall also submit a number of specific documentation compliant with the current fuel quality standard regulations.

These documents include:

  • Accreditation document of the testing laboratory and the cooperation agreement with such an institution;
  • Production certificate issued by the authority responsible for certification and standardization;
  • Technological standards for the production and storage of petroleum products;
  • Technical specifications for fuel production.
The process of collecting the specified package of documents is quite difficult, since it requires the involvement of different authorities. Moreover, it requires a significant amount of time and financial resources.

Does each type of the fuel-related activities require a separate license?

Today, the license for fuel storage has gained special popularity. The agricultural enterprises shall obtain it to store fuel for fueling their own vehicles and farm vehicles. The problem is that such small enterprises usually do not have significant financial resources that are required for preparing the abovemention package of documents.

But it’s worth noting that pursuant to the law of Ukraine, the market participants engaged in petroleum products trade are not required to additionally obtain the license for their storage.

This means that you can apply for a wholesale/retail license, in order to reduce the number of documents to be submitted to the licensing authority. This also means that you can reduce your potential license expenses by obtaining fewer permits. 

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Note! The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine applies strict sanctions for violation of the requirements of the law on fuel turnover, and therefore, before taking any actions, it is recommended to consult with specialists.

We can provide you with qualified advice on any issues related to the subject matter covered. If you want to secure your business in the shortest possible time, we can assist you with obtaining the license, as well as a certain number of documents listed above.

Publication date: 16/08/2019

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