Obtaining the residence permit in Ukraine for foreigners, which are arrived in Ukraine for work in the representations of foreign companies and non-governmental organisations or foreign bank branches

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If you do not hold Ukrainian citizenship, but there is a desire on your part and a real opportunity to get a job at a representative office of a foreign company, non-governmental organization or a branch of a foreign bank in Ukraine, you may need a residence permit.

In this article we will consider the features of obtaining this type of residence permit, procedural details and answer the main question: why is this necessary?

What is a residence permit in Ukraine?

A residence permit is an official permit to citizens of other countries, which makes it possible to stay in Ukraine longer than would be possible under a tourist visa.

To put that in context:

  • A tourist visa or arrival from countries with a visa-free regime allows you to stay up to 90 days;
  • A residence permit for work in the above enterprises allows you to freely stay in Ukraine for 1 year.
  • Employment in a Ukrainian company can provide a stay for a period of 6 months to 3 years. There is a common practice of opening an LLC with the subsequent employment of a foreigner in this LLC. You can read more about this service under this link.

What will the residence permit give you?

With the goal of getting a job in Ukraine, obtaining a residence permit can give you a free hand to a great extent.

The main advantages of the new status will be:

  • The ability to work in Ukraine without the need for “take off abruptly” and travel abroad after 90 days;
  • There is no need to obtain separate work permits - this type of residence permit in itself is such a permit;
  • The ability to maintain primary citizenship without changing it to Ukrainian one;
  • Obtaining more extended rights during your stay in Ukraine, etc.

What is the peculiarity of registration of this type of a residence permit?

When choosing a residence permit for work at representative offices, branches of foreign banks and other enterprises mentioned above, it is important to remember: this type of residence permit is issued only for one year.

The second significant difference is the procedural features of getting this type of a residence permit.

The following documents are required, regardless of future employment:

  • a foreigner's passport or an identity document of a stateless person (stateless person) with a type D visa (exceptions may be provided for in the legislation and international treaties of Ukraine);
  • a valid health insurance policy;
  • a foreigner's passport or a document, proving the identity of a stateless person, must be translated into Ukrainian;
  • a receipt of payment of the administrative fee or a document on exemption from its payment.

Next, we will consider more specific requirements for additional documents required to obtain a residence permit, depending on the future place of work.

To work in a representative office of a foreign company, you must additionally provide:

  • a certificate of registration of this entity;
  • an invitation of the corresponding representative office of a foreign company in Ukraine and an official card, which must first be obtained from the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine.

To participate in the activities of branches, representative offices and other structural cells of foreign non-governmental organizations you will need to provide:

  • A certificate of registration of the enterprise / organization;
  • An application (invitation) of the future employer.

To work in branches or representative offices of foreign banks you will need to provide:

  • A certificate of accreditation of a branch or representative office of a foreign bank;
  • An application (invitation) of the respective branch or representative office.

How to get a residence permit in Ukraine for the work you are interested in, after all?

The process of obtaining a residence permit for foreigners who have arrived in Ukraine to work in the above companies, as we have already found out, has its own specifics.

The main differences, in addition to the reasons for obtaining a residence permit, are the package of documents required for submission and the period for which the residence permit is issued.

A residence permit is issued at the Migration Service of Ukraine, where correctly executed and completed packages of documents are submitted, taking into account all requirements of the law.

Despite the apparent complexity of the process, the entire procedure can be completed quickly and easily, if you know how to do it. We have been dealing with such issues for many years and are confident in the result of our work.

Taking into account the fact that the procedure for obtaining a residence permit often requires time and effort, we can handle all the work ourselves for you. You can always learn the cost and terms in our section Services for non-residents or by phone.

Publication date: 12/02/2019

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