Connecting To The Distribution System Operator To Generate Electricity At The “Green Tariff” Rates

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We have recently reviewed in detail the procedure for establishing the “Green Tariff” for the company in order to make profit. You can get full information on this issue in our publication.

Today we will elaborate on such a complex stage of the process as connection to Oblenergo or Ukrenergo to produce electricity at the “Green Tariff” rates.

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The procedure for connecting to the distribution system operator (Oblenergo or Ukrenergo) when establishing the “Green Tariff” 

This process has certain features.

First, in order to obtain technical specifications for equipment with capacity above 10 MW, one should apply to Ukrenergo, NPC, or to the local Oblenergo (DTEK).

Secondly, in order to sign a grid connection agreement and to obtain technical specifications, you should first determine the type of connection. There are only two types of connection:

1. Standard, when the distance of the electricity producer’s equipment to the power supply company’s network is 300 meters in a straight line. And the capacity does not exceed 50 kW.

2. Non-standard, in case of one of the following conditions:

  • Distance over 300 meters;
  • Capacity over 50 kW;
  • Connection occurs in existing networks of another manufacturer;
  • Connection is temporary (for a certain period of time).

In order to implement the so-called “connection plan” according to the technical specifications, the following package of documents must be prepared:

  • A document confirming the right to use the land plot and equipment.
  • A copy and a site layout plan in scale 1: 2000, indicating the points of connection.
  • An extract from the Unified State Register.
  • A power of attorney to the authorized person.
  • The project feasibility study, if available. It will speed up the connection.

The timeframes of the review and granting of the technical specifications, are as follows:

  • in case of a standard connection, it will take about 5 days.
  • in case of a non-standard connection, the procedure will take about 10-15 days.

Of course, this procedure has some nuances. It’s not enough to obtain one technical specifications, there are two types of the technical specifications required:

  • Technical specifications for general utilities (telecommunications, sewerage, storm water drainage, etc.);
  • Technical specifications for the connection (heat, electricity and gas supply, etc.).

In addition, electricity generation facilities are usually complex from an engineering point of view, which may present additional hazards and therefore require:

  • Additional expertise;
  • Confirmation of compliance with the requirements of sanitary and epidemiological legislation;
  • Coordination of requirements with the local population (through local authorities, administrations).

However, such coordination and examination depends on the object itself. It is clear that small-size and low-power plants do not require additional actions.

It should also be noted that “green energy” concerns not only solar panels, but also wind and cogeneration (heat and power generation) units. However, the procedure for their connection is somewhat different from that of standard solar installations.

Connection to the distribution system operator is just one of many steps in registering a business in the energy sector. In the future, the documents are attached to the full package of documents to be submitted for licensing and inclusion in the new electricity market of Ukraine. We can perform the whole procedure for you on a turnkey basis.

If you need help to understand the process of obtaining technical specifications and connecting to Oblenergo to get the “Green Tariff”, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Publication date: 06/03/2020

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